Friday, June 14, 2013

UPDATED: Halsted Beating Was A 10-on-1 Robbery In Progress

A victim was attacked and robbed by up to 15 men outside of Nookies Tree last Thursday morning.

Further information has been developed regarding last Thursday morning's beating of a man at the intersection of Halsted and Buckingham. As CWB reported on the morning of the crime:
Multiple reports came in of 10 to 15 black male offenders beating an individual and threatening to kill him at the intersection of Buckingham and Halsted. Officers toured the area with the victim in an attempt to find the gang responsible. Their efforts were not successful. This is the second time in less than a week that officers confirmed that an individual was beaten by a large group of attackers on Halsted Street.  Another man was beaten early last Friday at the corner of Halsted and Aldine, one block south of this morning's attack.
Today, we learned that this was actually a strong arm robbery in progress outside of Nookie's Tree restaurant, 3334 N. Halsted. It seems that yesterday's 6-on-1 attack was small potatoes compared what this poor victim had to withstand. Chicago Police Department case #HW306391.