Sunday, June 23, 2013

UNLADYLIKE: Gunpoint Robbery on Belmont

23 June 2013
12:32 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW331090

Five black "females," including one with braids and a black bandana, robbed a man at gunpoint in front of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 724 W. Belmont, just east of Halsted Street. The muggers were last seen heading east on Belmont toward Broadway.

ALSO on the robbery beat overnight
A robbery victim embarked on a two block foot chase of the man who stole his phone before losing the thief near 1015 W. Roscoe shortly before 2 o'clock. The thug, described as a male, black, with dreads, and wearing a white t-shirt, was last seen running northbound from Roscoe through the alley behind Sheffield. Case #HW331162. Police classified the case as a larceny.

UPDATED 1 JULY 2013: Added case number and classification info for second item.