Thursday, June 06, 2013

UGLY: Another Man Beaten By Gang On Halsted

6 June 2013

12:20AM: Officers responded to a battery in progress outside of 3512 N. Halsted. Two black men, one in a blue plaid shirt and dark jeans, the other in a gray cutoff shirt and shorts, were fighting. One of the men is from Joliet and he has a history of gang activity with the Gangster Disciples.

1:58AM: Multiple reports came in of 10 to 15 black male offenders beating an individual and threatening to kill him at the intersection of Buckingham and Halsted. Officers toured the area with the victim in an attempt to find the gang responsible. Their efforts were not successful. This is the second time in less than a week that officers confirmed that an individual was beaten by a large group of attackers on Halsted Street.  Another man was beaten early last Friday at the corner of Halsted and Aldine, one block south of this morning's attack. Chicago Police Department case #HW306391.

2:16AM: The CTA shut down power to the Addison L after a drunk man was found lying in the southbound tracks.

UPDATED 14 JUNE 2013: CWB learned that the beating reported at Buckingham and Halsted was actually a robbery in progress.


  1. Meanwhile at last night's CAPS meeting the police department's statistics mentioned no incidents such as these at all. According to them, simple theft is the most prevalent crime in the area, and "you shouldn't leave your bag or purse unattended because it will be gone." Once again they said most robberies involve people who wander out of the bars drunk late at night.

    A woman who lives next to the church on Addison that hosts "the Crib" right across the street from the police station complained about the activity going on there, and that it's getting worse. She was told to call when something happens. She said she calls the police all the time but no one ever shows up. At that point I asked if any of these places are regulated, licensed or if there's any oversight at all. After pressing Tunney's assistant, she finally admitted that, no, there is no regulation or oversight. They're self regulated. I said find out where the money is coming from and who it's going to because these places exist to put money in someone's pockets. Another guy at the meeting kept after Tunney's assistant about who is funding these places, and she finally said The Department of Family Services. At that point a man identified himself as the President of The Lakeview Citizens' Council. He asked for people's contact information because they're planning a community meeting to address the crime problem, etc in a few weeks. The police woman running the CAPS meeting said, "We can certain set that up for you," and he said, "WE will be running the meeting."

    Get involved. That's the only way anything will really happen...if enough people get together and work together. They're planning the meeting to take place in a couple of weeks. Find out when and go. People need to take an active role in this.

  2. Simple theft is the most prevalent crime in every corner of this city. Period. Even in the areas of the city where homicides are a problem, larceny is a much, much "bigger problem" if your measuring stick is number of occurrences.

    It sounds like the golden days of the 23rd district's nutty statistics lady, Sgt. Beth Giltmier, have returned.

    Please let us know when you have more information about the Lakeview Citizen's Council meeting. You can post here or send us an email via

    Be safe and be well.

  3. I agree with Anonymous; there HAS to be a way to hold these organizations accountable.

    I did talk to a lawyer the other day, he DID say that there is a legal way of regulating these places and holding these organizations accountable for their effect on the surrounding neighborhood. I will not reveal the exact method here, but I might be able to bring it up privately.

    There is no question in my mind where the crime came all started when the COH opened up. It has ACTIVELY attracted juvenile delinquents and other troubled kids (with anger issues, gang issues, etc) and putting these kids in what is an otherwise well-functioning neighborhood was a bad combination. These kids over the last several years started spreading the word about this place and the criminal element has been setting up shop on the streets.

    The area now has a serious problem and it needs to be addressed. Unless this gets addressed and SOLVED, people will not want to live or visit here, real estate prices will take a hit, stores will close and 20+ years of work of creating this awesome neighborhood will have been wasted.

  4. I don't think COH is 100% of this. Robbers rob banks because that's where the money is. Gangs have now found their way to the Gold Coast, North Shore, and what's in between because there is wealth to be had and F Troop is in charge.

    Just came back from Montreal. They have lot of poor people and and drug usage, but there is none of this $hit. The cops regularly come out of the woodwork for little things like bikes without reflectors and jay-walking.

    This goes on here because the precinct commander is clearly playing a game of denial to make her numbers look good. This would be a good script for Police Academy VII - Gangs in Control.

    Rahm is nothing more than an bungling, inept, aloof CEO looking no further than his censored metrics. Only 1 of 2 Illinois US Senators is taking the gang problem seriously.

    Constituents are going to have to get their elected officials run out of office in a primary, or failing that, hold their nose and vote for (moderate) Republicans.

  5. "It's just transient yoof"(defensive arms cross and turned head) ......there has to be a way to hold these businesses AND their people accountable........

  6. "I don't think COH is 100% of this."

    100%? Certainly not, but the trouble in the neighborhood began when the Center opened, and it remains a significant and constant source of that trouble. Compounding the trouble are all of the similar organizations that are crowded into the area...Howard Brown Youth Center, The Night Ministry, The Crib... They're all beginning to cater to homeless "transgendered youth." "Transgendered" must have recently been added to funded programs, and all of these places are racing to grab a piece of the pie. It's all a big con job. Someone representing "the youth" was at the CAPS meeting. When I said these places should turn over criminals and gang members in their facilities, he said they can't because the "youth" wouldn't feel safe or trust them. I said they won't turn them over to the police because this is all a numbers game and they need a head count to get their funding, so they don't care who or what passes through their doors.

    One of the other posters described the situation perfectly: "These kids over the last several years started spreading the word about this place and the criminal element has been setting up shop on the streets." These places have welcomed a criminal element into the neighborhood and have allowed it to flourish unchecked.

    I still say, if you really want to solve this mess then root out the money: where it's coming from and who it's going to. That's how this issue will be resolved.

  7. The victim in last week's gang beating opted to file a report after all. That's important.

    Case # updated here: