Friday, June 28, 2013

STREET WISE: Our Suggestions For Pride Weekend

Do not expect the police department to be making any special efforts to secure the neighborhood leading up to and following Sunday's Gay Pride Parade. 

The 19th district CAPS sergeant said that the department's big push for Sunday will be to "curb the drinking around the parade with a big emphasis on the quality of life, primarily.”

If you're wondering why his primary focus is to curb drinking when drunks aren't the ones stabbing people, remember that he is the same guy who earlier this month said his plan to control crowds after a potential Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory would be "not [letting] people have parties in the middle of the street. Our plan is to keep people inside the establishments."

We know how that worked out.

Blackhawks fans absolutely not partying in the middle of Clark Street on Monday. Image: Chicago Tribune
And says the sergeant's CAPS sidekick, Officer Tom Walsh, actually suggested that "even with the revelry, most fans will likely follow police orders to move aside."

Saddam Hussein was a better strategist than these guys.

With that in mind, the CWB editors spoke with a couple of 19th district cops who have firm grips on reality to get their advice for Pride goers. Then, the editors tossed in a few ideas of our own.

Read 'em and weep.

At All Times
• Stay with the herd. Walk with at least one other person. If possible, tag along with other groups. Wrigleyville and Boystown thugs operate just like the cheetahs on Animal Planet. Do not be the slowest gazelle. 
• Carry as little cash as possible. If you can get by with your ID and one credit card, do it. Leave everything else behind.
• Avoid using your phone on the street. Look around before you take your phone out in public. Minimize the time your phone is exposed and stay alert when it is out. 
• Do not get drunk. Okay, fine, we'll meet you half way. Do not drink to the point that your level of intoxication is apparent in the way you act. Swervy, stumbly people may as well scream "mug me."
• Do not engage strangers on the street. Keep walking. Do not stop to give someone a cigarette, a light, or a dollar.
• If things start to get even a little sketch, jet!

Today and tomorrow after sunset (Friday and Saturday)
• Leave the area by midnight. Take a taxi.
• If you take the train, use the Addison L station. Do not use the Belmont station.
• Avoid walking through large groups that are blocking the sidewalk. Go as far around as possible. 
• Belmont Avenue is a NO GO ZONE between 11:00pm and 6:00am both nights. Stay at least a block away from it, no matter how many people are with you.
• Enjoy the parade. Leave the area by 8:30pm
• On Sunday, Belmont Avenue is a NO GO ZONE after 8:30pm. Stay at least a block away from it, no matter how many people are with you. 
• If you take the train, use the Addison L station. Do not use the Belmont station.


  1. These are all great points...thank you for posting these, they will be heeded!!

  2. Addison is no paradise either. Probably best to take the #8, #22, and Kedzie-based 151 buses.

  3. The "no go zone" is where I live. Yeah for house arrest!

  4. These are great points and I wish we could plaster them around Boystown.

    Its sad that its come to this.

  5. Sounds like rules for anytime in Boystown. Shit has gotten real bad & Tom Tunney doesn't care. Pass conceal & carry already. Time to fight fire with fire!

  6. I too live in the "No Go Zone", as does State Rep Sara Feigenhlotz. Nice woman, big Tom fan.
    Each year at this time, we buy supplies for the weekend and "Shelter in Place" as though living in Syria. Iron gates to property secured.
    I am beyond pissed that my safety is so far out of my control.
    I have been vocal about this crap for years. Tom Tunney hates my guts because I call him out on anything I can, frequently on the street near his crap restaurant.
    If anyone doubts how dangerous, terrifyingly out of control our no-longer lovely neighborhood has become, download a police scanner app and listen on Sunday.
    You'll hear cops constantly reporting 3 on 1 and 5 on 1 attacks, calls that go unanswered, real Chicago cops constantly reporting events that they alone cannot control and receive no backup help.
    The real stories lie at Masonic, Saint Joseph's, and Thorek.
    We need to take charge, call 911, insist on reports being filed. Whether we are reporting as witness or (hopefully not) victim. We must insist that our voices turn into reports that somehow make it into the statistics.
    Can we get 60 Minutes or 20/20 to come report on this? Anderson Cooper? Someone must have ties to some news organization that will help. Lord knows it would get the ratings!!!

  7. Well said by all!

    We here at CWB want to thank each of you for reading our reports every day and for taking part in the conversation.

    We are here for the long haul and we look forward to the day that our neighborhoods are once again safe for all to enjoy, day and night.

    Be safe and be well.

  8. @ 4AM there was a big ruckus with thugs fighting outside Whole Foods/CoH/Circuit with Police.

  9. I presume Tunney and Rahm will be in the parade ?

    They should both be boo'd as they go by. Media likes to ask questions as to why booing occurs.

    Both should be considered enemies of the Pride cause. Simply being Pro-Gay Marriage doesn't cut it. On their watch, the area has become dangerous with 22% of the police removed, plus an incompetent is running the precinct.

  10. I saw Tunney today in his tired-ass restaurant busing tables. I wanted to go in and ask some questions about crime in the neighborhood but I knew his response would be either to call the cops on me (and they'd probably show up in 30 seconds, unlike when real crime occurs in Boystown), or, he would run into the kitchen and hide from me and my questions. I don't see how he has the conscience to ride on a float in a "pride" parade on Sunday. All the "pride" has been sucked out of this neighborhood by the thugs and lack of caring/response to the situation.

  11. Sounds like the "Omega Man" movie plot.
    Shelter in place after dark and avoid the miscreant mobs meaning ill-will.
    And, just as in the movie, no effective police presence whatsoever
    Why has Tunney got a free pass on this bullcrap?
    Oh, that's right.
    He's the Alderman of Wrigley Field

  12. "Why has Tunney got a free pass on this bullcrap?"

    •Because he was one of Daley's pets.

    •Because he runs unopposed.

    •Because he plays the "openly gay" ace up his sleeve every election.

    He needs to be challenged, and his challenger needs to use the rapidly declining situation in the area as the main focus of their campaign. Tunney would find himself with plenty of time to bus tables at Ann Sather.

  13. Tunney reminds me of Helen Schiller.

  14. It's time to move the Pride parade to downtown. It's become too much for the neighborhood to handle and attracting too many people who want to cause trouble.

    The parade could end at Hutchinson Field like the Blackhawks parade did and have a big after party there. The party would be free but fenced off with entry points.

    All businesses along the original parade route first then the newest parade route may set up free booths there to sell drinks, food, merchandise. Any other business who wish to participate would pay a $100 booth fee. All who wish to drink would get a free wristband that could be sponsored to generate revenue.

    Clubs could set up DJ stages around the field for the event. The after party would have a set time of 4PM to 9PM.

    It's sad that it has come to this but I feel that revamping the parade and after parties would go a long way to protecting people and the neighborhood.