Sunday, June 23, 2013

STABBING, WILDING AT BELMONT L: 3rd & 4th Stabbings of the Weekend; 5th Known June Wilding

Editors' Note: Please see our exclusive report regarding the circumstances surrounding this incident and how a lack of police manpower may have led to these two young men being beaten and stabbed in a mob attack.

NBC Chicago is reporting that two men were stabbed during a wilding incident near the Belmont Redline, 945 W. Belmont, around 5 o'clock this morning.  The Chicago Tribune also reports two victims were stabbed in the incident.

CBS2's earlier report says that a crowd of 30 people began attacking two men with fists, feet, and a broken bottle. The victims were  reportedly stabbed in the face and/or eye with a broken bottle, according to CBS2. Another man was stabbed within 100 yards of this morning's attack at about the same time Saturday morning. CWB filed an exclusive report of that attack yesterday morning.

On Monday, Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown revealed its exclusive report showing that violent attacks have risen significantly in our area while the city claimed a massive decrease in such crimes. Our report singled out stabbings as the type of attack that is growing most alarmingly.

And as CWB reported first, three hours before this morning's Belmont attack, another man was critically wounded when an unknown attacker stabbed the victim repeatedly in the head and neck near Broadway and Sheridan, just one block north of the "unrelated" Pridefest tents.

Today's Belmont L attack is at least the sixth mob attack in Wrigleyville and Boystown since May 31. The incident is classified as an aggravated battery with a knife/cutting instrument under Chicago Police Department case #HW331319.

UPDATED 23 JUNE 2013: Added NBC Chicago link, reconstructed first two paragraphs for clarity.

UPDATED 24 JUNE 2013: Changed headline to reflect weekend stabbing total vs. only Sunday's total.

UPDATED 24 JUNE 2013: Added Editors' Note regarding exclusive report.

UPDATED 26 JUNE 2013: Charges have been filed in the attack.

UPDATED 1 JULY 2013: Added case number and classification info.


  1. the Center on Halst, The Crib, The Night Ministry, Panara Cares, The Lakeview Action Coalition. These are the groups that destroyed Lakeview. When they were begging for funding for The Center on Halstead, you were told about little Timmy, whose parents threw him out for being gay. He could now go to a gay bar district and be cared for by older gay men. What could possibly go wrong? But little Timmy never showed up. Just people from the south side who demanded free items. What a nightmare.

  2. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and there was a mall there, Salem Mall. It was actually one of the first "indoor" malls in the US, built in the 1950's. Perfectly safe for decades. Then sometime in the early 90's, the "thug" crowd started to hang out there, in big groups, just like we are seeing on Halsted for the last 2 or 3 years. Same phenomena - large groups of angry thuggish kids that intimidate shoppers and start fights, etc. Over the next couple of years, people stopped going there altogether, it was so bad. They eventually closed the mall and tore it down.

    I see a similar fate for Boystown...people will just move out when there lease is up, or will do whatever they can to sell their condo. Sales at local businesses and restaurants will fall, and they will close. Nobody in their right mind wants to live around this or have their safety in jeopardy all the time, every night. The area will "un-gentrify" and it will become an area that people avoid.

  3. Also, I forgot to mention, I travel quite a bit for my job and there are other neighborhoods in the US where this sort of thing has Dallas, they had an old warehouse district there called Deep Ellum, it turned into a huge nightlife district in the 90's, but by 2000, they were experiencing the same crazy violence every night...robberies, stabbings, etc on the sidewalk outside the nightclubs etc...well it got so bad, the mayor pulled all the liquor licenses in the area one day...and all the clubs closed immediately. The whole neighborhood was basically destroyed by the violence and to this day, it is only now starting to have "life" once again as a neighborhood.

    So,we have to keep putting pressure to get this under control or we WILL lose our neighborhood.

  4. ...the Center on Halsted, The Crib, The Night Ministry, Panara Cares, The Lakeview Action Coalition....add the street festivals and Broadway Youth Center to the list...time for all of you to go bye bye.

  5. Start a silent protest with the bars and ANN SATHER'S (Tom Tunney's restaurant chain) -- DONT GO TO ANY BAR or ANN SATHER'S for the first two weeks STARTING AFTER PRIDE, JULY 1ST. Let's start doing SOMETHING that will hurt them in their wallets and have people take notice.

  6. Need to start writing MSNBC, CNN, and the 3 major networks to show Chicago's meltdown is not just near Obama's residence, and that Rahm is a stupid fool who can't manage anything, and concocts crime stats to make himself look good.

    He is over-rated, like Governor Christie, because of his use of F-bombs. Time to draw back the curtain on the inept Wizard of Oz.

  7. Anonymous,
    Everyone should absolutely contact media people with measured, to-the-point concerns over the situation in this neighborhood, but don't waste your time with national outlets like MSNBC or CNN. They won't be interested. Contact reporters and investigative reporters with local outlets like WMAQ (NBC), WMMB (CBS), The Tribune, The Suntimes, The Reader, etc. Those people know the city and are interested in digging in the dirt. I contacted a well known local reporter with one of the local news stations, and he responded within minutes. He said he wants to share the information with his newsroom. The more folks these people hear from the greater chance of the story being picked up in a substantial way...and that's how we'll get something done.