Sunday, June 16, 2013

SOCCA SOCKED: Man Tossed Through Restaurant Window

Board up at Socca restaurant today.

16 June 2013
2:26 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW320828

Multiple callers reported that a street fight sent one man flying through a plate glass window at Socca restaurant, 3301 N. Clark Street at Aldine. Six males then reportedly fled westbound on Aldine (School Street) from Clark. No arrests.

Editors' note: The police department classified this incident as "vandalism."

Blood and police tape decorate Socca's sidewalk this afternoon.

UPDATED 16 JUNE 2013: Added photos.

UPDATED 24 JUNE 2013: Added case number and Editors' note.


  1. Well let's see how the owners of Soca react. If it's getting to the point where business owners start to fear for their stores and restaurants then we may see some serious attention paid to the problem.I think they've turned a blind eye so far because there hasn't been any damage or vandalism. This may give owners something to think about.

  2. When dropping in to Socca, be sure to try the beef carpiccio.

  3. I think the perception from the area's apathetic businesses is that it is safer than the South and West Side, therefore good in comparison, therefore acceptable.

    If the 23rd precinct precinct actually were to enforce loitering laws, become proactive, rather that reactive, and reduce the crime rate, their ranks would diminish by reallocating resources to more dangerous areas of the city. It is therefore in their best interest to let the situation fester.

  4. Thank you for reading and participating in the conversation on our blog, Anonymous.

    We absolutely agree with the first part of your post. Many people and businesses have the attitude that since it's worse somewhere else, it's okay for things to continue to decline here. That is the wrong mindset in our estimation. We must demand that our community and our citizens be protected.

    As for the second part of your post, we're not so sure. The 19th district's manpower has dropped about 25% since March of last year. We know many patrol officers in this district and they hustle to do as much as they can. The problem within the police department lies at the supervisory and executive levels.

    Thanks again for being a part of CWB. Be safe and be well.

  5. "I think the perception from the area's apathetic businesses is that it is safer than the South and West Side, therefore good in comparison, therefore acceptable."

    I went to an open house across the street from my building on Pine Grove and Brompton. I asked the real estate woman if she was worried about the increase in crime and that this is becoming a dangerous area. Anonymous, your comment was spot on because that's what she told me almost word for word.

    I emailed Socca this morning attention their owners, and told them that maybe now they'll join the residents and demand that something be done. I asked them how their customers will feel when they come and find the sidewalk covered in blood in front of the restaurant. I think more people should email them as well. The business owners need to hear from people. Yes, this might be safer than the South and West sides, but they just had a thug thrown through their front window.

  6. Have you ever witnessed the abundance of power sprayers/washers on the sidewalks of Halsted St. while you're walking to the gym at sunrise?

    They're not scraping up bubble gum or pushing away puke.

    There was never a write-up on the boarded up window (for months) at Roscoes either.