Wednesday, June 19, 2013

SMALLTOWN BOY: Tourist "Greeted" On Addison

...but do so at your own risk. (Image: Choose Chicago)

A 21 year-old Midland, Michigan, man is leaving town this morning with no wallet, a better understanding of Addison Street, and a diminished opinion of Chicago after becoming lost during his efforts to "find the Addison train station."

Inconveniently for him, there are two L stations on Addison: the Red Line next to Wrigley Field and the Brown Line further west at Ravenswood. At some point in his adventure, a representative of Chicago's roving band of Welcome Agents managed to relieve the tourist of his wallet.

Our unfortunate victim abandoned his train search at 6:30 this morning and called for help from the Shell gas station at Addison and Ashland.

Officers gave him a ride to Union Station.

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  1. He could have had a better time in Detroit.......with a car. The business owners there actually take care of their patrons (and always have). But anyway, "he deserved it" for listening to the bartender and reading the glossy ads placed by his boss.