Sunday, June 23, 2013

SHADOW OF THE CHATEAU: Brutal Beer Bottle Stabbing

23 June 2013
2:17 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW331184

Residents have been celebrating Friday's closure of the seedy Hotel Chateau. One local news site even chirped that "area residents and business owners say it’s clear that [area] feels greatly improved."

Well, maybe they should just cool their heels with that sort of talk.

A man was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and head with a beer bottle on Broadway, one block north of this weekend's absolutely safe Pridefest, and across the street from the greatly improved Hotel Chateau. The victim had lost a substantial amount of blood and was reported in serious condition when Ambulance 6 transported him to Illinois Masonic Medical Center at 2:34AM. The man was unable to help police with their investigation because trauma doctors had to intubate him. Police suspect the offender may have cut his hand during the attack and area hospitals are on the lookout for walk-in patients who may be responsible. (Editors' note: Please see updates at the end of this blog entry.)

On the questionable side:
Reports of a stabbing at Roscoe and Halsted came in a bit after 1:00AM Sunday. The 19th District Police commander was the first officer on the scene. He said that he spoke with "security" at that intersection and they were unaware of any stabbing. He also stated that he had his blue lights flashing and no one approached him, so he closed out the case as "no person found."

About 20 minutes after the police commander couldn't find a stabbing victim at Roscoe and Halsted, somebody found one lying on the sidewalk a block away, at Roscoe and Elaine Place, one block east of Halsted. As an ambulance and police responded, additional callers reported that the victim was "seizing and slipping in and out of consciousness." The officers claim to have witnesses a miracle because the victim was soon able to "stand up and walk away" from them. No report filed.

The Broadway attack is the second stabbing in the Wrigleyville and Boystown areas since Saturday morning.  It also continues the gravity defying rise in knife and cutting instrument attacks that we reported on earlier this week.

UPDATED 23 JUNE 2013 12:57PM: Added final paragraph above (The Broadway attack....)

UPDATE 23 JUNE 2013 1:01PM: Mainstream media outlets are reporting the address of this stabbing as 700 W. Sheridan. In fact, the victim was found on the sidewalk at 3829 N. Broadway. The broken beer bottle and blood trail origin were found a few yards away, around the corner at 735 W. Sheridan.  Also, police department claims that the man was being "uncooperative" after the attack are missing an important fact.  The man has been largely unable to cooperate because he was intubated and sedated by doctors at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. This is according to a police officer who traveled to the hospital with the victim.


  1. Another reason for a bottle return law in the "green" city. It would give the bums something to do and, to boot, they they get cash for them. Also, your dogs wouldn't slice their paws.

  2. My roommate and I are arguing about the fact that because there are no pictures of these "fights" and whatnot, that they do not exist and that things maybe "made up." I do NOT believe that and certainly believe everything that is being reported. Can u encourage people somehow to submit images and cite your sources when there is no police report -- for example -- are you guys listening to police radio? For this to be taken more seriously by folks, we need to cite where the info is coming from.

    I think people are just apathetic at this point and just taking everything for granted.

    Thanks again for all this.

  3. Hi PaulA,

    We provide Chicago Police Department case numbers for every major incident that we report that has one. These are often posted at the time of the initial occurrences, but are sometimes listed as TBD until we are able to secure the information.

    Readers are always welcome to submit video and photos to us at Submission of materials implies the right for us to publish them.

    We have a variety of sources, including liberal use of public records laws.

    Thank you for being an important part of our blog. We truly appreciate your involvement.

    Be safe and be well.

  4. Almost everyone, including the cops, ignored the growing problem for 2 years like it would go away. Now that situation is completely out of control like a scene out of Police Academy.

    A matter of time before business start shutting the roller shutter doors at 9pm and roll up the sidewalks.

    I have never seen an area of any city go down this fast. This is worse than NYC in the 1970's.

  5. Last night was horrendous. If it occurs again tonight, someone may get seriously injured or even die. It's just a matter of time. Hydrate blasting loud music until 5am didn't help, either. I was in the area between Roscoe and Cornelia along Halsted. Absolutely unbelievable. This neighborhood isn't going to hell ... it's already there. I can only imagine what tonight and especially NEXT Sunday night post-parade will be like.

  6. It is a serious crime to not respect the authority and wisdom of the North Halsted Business Alliance.

  7. "ignored the problem for 2 years".

    No offense bud, but it's been ignored and denied since AT LEAST 2009. 2010 is when the bartender crossed his arms, turned away and mumbled the term "it's just transient youth". I've NEVER experienced such defensive body language in my life.

    Boycott this entire area NOW.

  8. I agree with PaulA and his roommate. All these events are happening in and around businesses with CCTV and on the streets below the homes of residents with phones equipped with a camera. People: if you see something, record it, then email it to this blog and the Take Back Boystown Facebook page.

  9. Start a silent protest with the bars and ANN SATHER'S (Tom Tunney's restaurant chain) -- DONT GO TO ANY BAR or ANN SATHER'S for the first two weeks STARTING AFTER PRIDE, JULY 1ST. Let's start doing SOMETHING that will hurt them in their wallets and have people take notice.

  10. It is not just the Center on halsted attracting losers, Thresholds has had a community center on Wrightwood for eons and there's about 20 losers currently who spend all of their time menacing Lakeview and Lincoln Park, like "Doug", who panhandles 10 feet away from Currency Exchange and other things.
    You can see these buttholes drinking by the McDonald's and Post office often.
    PaneraScares is one of the worst things to be added to the chaos, though they changed their rules, they are drawing people even in from other states to come and set up hobo base camp and menace the neighborhood further. All of crap HAS TO GO.