Thursday, June 20, 2013

SCHOOL'S OUT: "Youth" Liven Up Halsted And Addison

Locations of fights reported within 90 minutes after the Center on Halsted's (red box) closing time Wednesday.

They're baaaaaack. Most Chicago public school students enjoyed their last day of the school year Wednesday. It took mere hours for Wrigleyville and Boystown's "youth" shelters to draw some of the students to our part of town.

Last night would have been a completely uneventful night for police in Wrigleyville and Boystown, except for the fighting.

Six fights and a cab attack were reported within two blocks of the Center on Halsted in the 90 minutes that followed its 9 o'clock closing.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013
8:17PM: It looks like we're not the only ones who are sick of "youth" who cause trouble around here. Night Ministry Open Door Emergency Youth Shelter workers had to call for police assistance after a woman refused to leave the shelter at 3262 N. Clark near Aldine. How insensitive for them to put a person out on the street like that. (Here's a look inside the shelter.)

9:00PM: Editor's note. The Center on Halsted closed for the night at this time.

9:13PM: A group of 18 people was reportedly fighting in the Circle K/Shell gas station lot at Halsted and Addison. Officers arrived just in time to see the crowd disperse.

9:52PM: Two females were reportedly "getting ready to fight" in the parking lot of Lakeview Lutheran Church, 835 W. Addison at Reta Avenue, home of "The Crib" shelter for "youth" aged 18 to 24.

9:58PM: A fight broke out in front of Caribou Coffee, at the intersection of Halsted and Cornelia.

9:58PM: A fight was reported in the alley behind Lakeview Lutheran Church, home of "The Crib" shelter for "youth" aged 18 to 24. (Sound familiar?)

10:33PM: Another fight broke out in the Circle K/Shell gas station lot.

10:33PM: A cab driver reported that someone broke out one of his vehicle's windows as he sat in traffic at Addison and Broadway. He followed the person responsible to the  Circle K/Shell gas station and waited for police.

Thursday, 20 June 2013
12:01AM: Officers on patrol saw a man being beaten in the "Punkin' Donuts" parking lot at Belmont and Clark. The victim was treated by an ambulance crew, then given a ride to his Avondale home by police. Meanwhile, his attacker was arrested for battery. Chicago Police Department case #HW326800

UPDATED 20 JUNE 2013: Added map and Center on Halsted closing time.


  1. Basically, one should not be in the area between 8pm and 7am.

  2. It has gotten to the point of being completely rediculous. This is at least the third summer in a row where we have had to deal with this nonsense. Its just crazy. i cannot believe that I pay so much in rent to live here, and to put up with this. I feel like I cannot leave my apartment at night!


    HIRE MORE POLICE NOW!!!!!! Or bring the Feds in if you have to!! But get more police here!!!

  3. ^^ LOL. It seems that way. Sounds like THE CRIB has a lot of answering to do.

    Shame on the Night Ministry - putting out one of their own. Not very nice.

    Reap what you sow as the saying goes.

  4. It is pretty obvious what they are up to.

    Rahm, an over-rated loudmouth, and as much of a jerk as Jane Byrne, has shown no ability than to focus on sending police to the South Side to manage school closings, and keep Chicago out of the national nightly news, whereas he should be calling in National Guard Troops rather than stripping the rest of the city.

    Tunney is obviously a suck-up to the mayor and the business owners , who think they can keep this secret.

    This stuff needs to be written up on Trip Advisors. Unsuspecting tourists should stay away.

    A boycott of Boystown businesses needs to get underway.


    He's listening, just not to the residents of the area.

    The Center, The Crib, The Night Ministry, Howard Brown...they all suck up lots and lots of government cash for every little thug they lure into the neighborhood...and you can bet Mr. Tunney gets his cut. That's why absolutely nothing is being done, and nothing will be done until the money trail is laid bare.

    You think this is bad? Just wait until The Center opens it's apartment building where Midas Muffler once was. That will be an absolute nightmare.

  6. I havent heard about the apartments where Midas was at; is there a link? I would like to read about that.

    We need to start boycotting the businesses until they wake up and get this taken care of. If things get worse, we will never be able to sell our condos; we will lose all of our equity as no one in their right mind would want to live here. And if you are a landlord - watch out, as no one will want to rent your unit.

  7. When I was in Lucky Horseshoe last summer chatting with a couple of dancers, their canned response is "what crime problem ?". I answer with specifics on a date/time/location. Their answer then is "it's still safe".

    Go into Cupid's Treasure - same answer from a clerk.

    So Chicago's standard of acceptability is the South Side.

    OTOH, Nookies Tree, they get it. IMHO, I don't think their 24 hour weekend operation will last forever at the rate things are going.

  8. Anonymous,
    It's going to be an apartment building for "low-income gay seniors." The Center On Halsted is behind the project, so I'm not confident that in the end it will be a positive addition to the neighborhood. Construction has just begun. I also don't like the fact that The Center will now be commanding just about that full stretch of block.

    As far as the business owners go, there must be some other way than just a boycott, which probably wouldn't succeed, to reach them. That's why I think a true grass-roots organization of neighbors needs to be formed. The LVCC is worthless. They're Tunney's lap dog. I was at the last CAPS meeting, and a woman who lives next to the church on Addison that hosts The Crib was there complaining about the activities surrounding that place. She said the alderman and the church set up a meeting with her and a few of the neighbors. They'll get rail-roaded by Tunney and the people sucking up government grants to run The Crib. A big group of neighbors should have demanded a meeting with Tunney and the Church and told them "enough is enough."

    I can tell you, ousting Tunney for someone who takes this problem seriously would be a good start.

  9. Perhaps it will take Whole Foods itself to leave the area. Low income seniors will not shop at Whole Paycheck, nor will others continue to want to venture up Halsted past Addison to shop there.

    There is Treasure Island, Trader Joes, and Market Place, the latter two are in safer areas. It is very easy to take the #8 bus to get to them.

    Is Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce a different organization than LVCC ? Where are they on this ?

    1. Whole Foods is involved with CoH.

    2. Whole foods is not involved with the COH.
      They lease space in the same building that COH leases also. Tha's as far as it goes.

  10. Well it sounds like we really need to organize, but how to do it so we dont get the bleeding hearts and friends like Justice League, oh, I mean Gender Just to show up.

    We can post until our hearts content here, but we need to do something. Find away to hit Tunneys bottom line from Ann Sathers would be a start.

  11. The business owners usually don't own the property. They benefit from the drop in real estate prices .

  12. PaulA,
    Personally, I think the area residents made a huge mistake following the big angry CAPS meeting held at the school two summers ago when they let that momentum slide. People should have organized then, and fought this problem tooth and nail until the aldermen, the business owners and the police couldn't ignore them. No one showed up to the following CAPS meeting, and it seemed like concern just fizzled away.

    I went to the last board meeting of the LVCC with several people from my building. I'm not sure what their real function is besides getting cozy with the powers-that-be and being otherwise busy-bodies. Two women are legitimately concerned with the crime issue, but several others simply spouted the same boilerplate propaganda about the Center and Howard Brown, etc. Unfortunately, supporters of those places have long ago gotten involved with groups like the LVCC, so they can function from within. I questioned the sheer amount of these shelter/clinics opening in such a small densely populated neighborhood, and was told by the board President that, "This is the area where these kids need to come."

    The residents of this area will have to group together to solve this problem. Don't expect any help from the Aldermen, the business owners or the lackey police department. I don't know anything about organizing, but I would definitely be interested in getting involved in a serious effort. If you notice, incidents seem to be happening earlier in the evening this year. We'll soon be to the point where day or night, you won't be safe in the neighborhood.

    Maybe when something really, really bad happens a spotlight will be shined on what's going on, and the way things are going, I'm afraid to think of what the aftermath of the parade will be like this year.

  13. Im the guy who asked about the apartments...and yes now I know what you are referring to; I knew about the senior homes but didnt know that it was going to be run by the COH. Thanks for the info; I forgot that there used to be a Midas there.

    What I see happening, is that this pocket of Lakeview is probably going to degenerate into something like what Uptown is...a mostly unsafe area, whose "social services" context serves as a magnet for the worst members of society. I think that this particular area is going to un-gentrify and become nothing more than an extension of Uptown and that people are going to lose money. The rest of the city might improve, but I suspect that because Tunney is in on this, and because Rahm doesnt give 2 cr*ps about us or our safety, and refuses to hire more police, then this area is basically going to become a permanent hellhole with no answer, other than to live elsewhere.

  14. Seniors living in a building next to the CoH? If it's not cleaned up those youths (and I use the word loosely)will see easy pickins in older gay men 24/7?

  15. ^^ Exactly! Those were my thoughts as well...any senior citizen who moves into that building is going to be a easy target. Any senior living there is going to be begging to move out after only a few weeks. No one in their right mind would want to live or hang around on that street or at that intersection.

  16. My biggest concern is what their definition of "senior" will be. We know how fast and loose they play with the concept of "youth." I have a feeling it won't be what one would typically think of when "senior" comes to mind.