Saturday, June 08, 2013

ROBBED AND IGNORED: Cops' Response Takes 45 Minutes

8 June 2013
2:40 AM
Chicago Police Department Case # None (Delayed Police Response)

Being attacked and robbed is bad enough. Having to stand around and wait 45 minutes for the cops to show up? Priceless.

That's exactly what happened early this morning after a man was attacked and robbed on Roscoe Street, just east of Broadway. The man's wallet was taken by an offender described as male, black, aged 25 to 30, wearing a black hoodie. The thug then escaped eastbound on Roscoe to Lake Shore Drive.

The call for help came in at 2:40AM, with the victim saying he would wait for officers at the corner of Roscoe and Broadway. Yet, a full half hour later, the police unit assigned to the robbery still had not responded. They were too busy "handling some drunks" nearly a mile away. At 3:22AM, the officers finished dealing with drunks and wandered on over to the apparently unimportant robbery case. Not surprisingly, the victim was gone when they arrived at 3:24AM.

So, will this be yet another robbery that slips under the radar?

UPDATED 16 JUNE 2013: Confirmed that no report was filed in this case.