Monday, June 03, 2013

REMINDER: Community Meeting This Wednesday

The monthly Chicago Police neighborhood meeting for Wrigleyville and Boystown is scheduled for this Wednesday at 7PM at the 19th district police station, 850 W. Addison Street. 

The meetings have been interesting historically in that it's "interesting" to have uniformed police officers openly lie to you.

The meetings have become somewhat more truthful in recent months. Stop by.


  1. You can't totally blame the cops. They're probably being paid off to lie. It takes two (or probably 22 in this case) to tango.

    They did log a "hate crime" for the books and image over in Lincoln Square though.

  2. People need to keep in mind when they attend the CAPS meetings that the police and aldermen work for us. Too often people act afraid or deferential. Our tax dollars pay their salaries. Misleading, dodging, dishonest answers should be called out.

    Last summer a group of neighbors from the Pine Grove/Grace area went to the meeting as a group, and they held some feet to the fire. Residents of the area need to organize and begin to operate with a more united front. That's when we will see some changes. they can dismiss individuals, not organized groups.

  3. Remember the homeless hipster douchebag who took the microphone and wanted to read passages from "To Kill a Mockingbird"? LOL...a whole auditorium full of angry residents let out a groan in unison. LOL

  4. I tried to watch the youtube excerpts from one of these sideshows when things got real hot there (but not as hot as now) and it seemed like audition night for most of "speakers".

  5. You mean the kid who " claimed" to be homeless,,?