Saturday, June 01, 2013


31 May 2013
11:00 PM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW299172

At 11:00PM Friday night, a witness called 911 to report that someone had just been robbed at gunpoint about 50 yards east of Halsted Street on Melrose Street. A widespread police search for a silver 4-door vehicle may have snared the gang responsible.
A woman was robbed at gunpoint last night near this alley, just off the Halsted strip. (Image: Google)

Responding officers located the victim, an Andersonville woman who was traumatized by  the robbery. She described her assailants as two black males wearing hoodies. One of the attackers pointed a handgun at the woman while the other ripped her purse away. Both men then climbed into a 4-door silver vehicle that drove south through the alley, then turned eastbound on the connecting alley and eventually exited on Broadway between the Lakeview Athletic Club and a Gap store.
The gunman and his accomplices escaped via this alley onto N. Broadway. (Image:Google)

Officers immediately realized that two robberies from Thursday night were exact matches in style and vehicle description. As a result, police launched a dragnet for 4-door silver Chevy Impalas, the vehicle type that had been described by victims and witnesses on Thursday.

At 11:20PM, 18th district officers stopped a Chevy Impala with "several cell phones" in the back seat near the Lincoln Park Zoo. The driver was cleared of any involvement in the robberies.

At 11:40pm, a silver Impala bearing Indiana plates was stopped at the intersection of Clark Street and Cornelia Avenue. Once again, the driver and occupants were allowed to go on their way.

But the third time may have been the charm.

At 12:29AM, officers pulled over yet another silver 4-door Impala near the intersection of Clark Street and Newport Avenue in Wrigleyville. Officers quickly identified property in the vehicle that they suspect belongs to the Melrose Avenue robbery victim.

A swarm of cops converged on the Impala, separated its five occupants, and took them all into custody for investigation.

The vehicle is registered to a man who lives in the 4700 block of South Prairie Avenue in the South Side's Grand Boulevard neighborhood. CWB is withholding the vehicle owner's name.

The locations of last night's robbery (R) and the intersection where police took 5 suspects into custody (L). (Image:Google)
UPDATE 9 JUNE 2013: Added case number.