Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NORMALCY RETURNS: Man Beaten, Robbed At Addison Red Line

A man was robbed and beaten outside the Addison station entrance this morning. Image:

26 June 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #HW335556

With Stanley Cup festivities over, the neighborhood quickly returned to normal this morning, when CTA employees reported a person beaten and injured on the Addison Red Line station platform. Officers determined that the man had been robbed of his wallet and black iPhone 5 near the station entrance. He was unable to offer descriptive information of his attacker(s). Ambulance 6 took the man to Thorek Memorial Hospital for treatment.

UPDATED 3 JULY 2013: Added case number.


  1. OMG, this is just like Detroit. Beware!

    Signed, Iowa

  2. I'm a 25 year resident in our Gayborhood and I'm really, really concerned about the Pride Parade this year.
    The number of attendees, paired with the frightening increase in the number and seriousness of crimes committed daily, not to mention the CPD's non-existent crowd control abilities, our Alderman, Helen Keller, I mean Tom Tunney, and the seemingly agreed upon pact of the media and city government to allow the continuing crime epidemic in the "there's no crime on the North Side" Orwelian message spoken by uniformed residents, lying bar staffs, and well, everyone who makes no effort to be informed or hasn't been affected by violent crime.
    This should be a year with the ability to revel in the SCOTUS repeal of DOMA, but sadly, it will be just another crowded drunk violent spree brought to our home from the South and West side neighborhoods by their thugs who are too chicken-shit to pull their crap off in their own back-yards.
    Hoping I'm wrong, but I've seen too much to think anything but.

  3. ^ You hit that nail on the head, Anonymous. I can only begin to imagine what headlines and stories will be reported right here on this very site about all the mayhem and shenanigans that will transpire Sunday night post-parade, if last year was any indication.