Saturday, June 08, 2013

HOTEL HORROR: Bound, Stabbed, Robbed At Gunpoint

Three guests were robbed in room 324 at the Best Western hotel on Broadway.
31 May 2013
12:28 PM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW298331

Here's something that our Police Department failed to mention at this week's Wrigleyville and Boystown CAPS meeting.

Three tourists were held at gunpoint, bound with duct tape, and then robbed inside room 324 at the Best Western Hawthorne Terrace, 3434 N. Broadway, shortly after noon last Friday, May 31.

One of the three victims was stabbed.

The victims describe their attacker as a male, black, 29 to 30 years old, about 5'11" tall, 210 to 220 pounds, with a close-cropped haircut, wearing black shorts, a white and red shirt, and black Aviator-style sunglasses. He was last seen walking north on Broadway, armed with a black handgun.

Police have classified the kidnapping/robbery/stabbing as a strongarm robbery.

The gunman took a camera, $400 cash, and other items from his victims.


  1. When is the new "straight friendly" trendy hotel being built that spills into Sidetrack and Minibar?

    I'm sensing a sell-out to another Walmart Express while these girls take their ball and go home unless they address their drug problems within the next 14 days.

    Even Rosie fled the area.

  2. Maybe now that it has hit home, local businesses will take notice, demand Alderman Tunney's immediate resignation (having called anyone opposing COH "NIMBY") and hold Rahm's feet to the fire to either get competent or go back to Evanston.

  3. This is just awful...really awful.

    I cant wait for the Lake View Citizens Council meeting, we have to find and answer to all of this!!!

  4. Someone should write this up on Trip Advisors. It will take a drop in customers for businesses to get off their duffs and hold Alderman, Police, and Mayor accountable for their stupidity and corruption.

  5. "I cant wait for the Lake View Citizens Council meeting, we have to find and answer to all of this!!!'

    Does anyone know when it is? I contacted them, but they never responded to me. I also gave them my email address at the CAPS meeting last week, but haven't heard from them.

    It's time to put some real pressure on the area business owners who have displayed nothing but apathy...unless you see pictures certain business owners in Windy city Time all dressed at a COH fund raiser. Time to find out exactly why business owners are supportive of that place. Trace the money and you'll probably have your answer.

  6. Another thing to take into consideration: that hotel is popular with people coming in for Cubs games. If this begins to damage the Cubs then I have a feeling we'll see some action.

  7. I wonder how that gay B&B on North Halsted and the boutique hotel on Belmont near the "L" are making out with this ?

    Heart'o'Chicago in Andersonville ought to get a boost in business as long as guests know to stay away from the Thorndale "L" station.

    That dumpy hotel on Diversey catty-corner to the Days Inn looks better and better now.

    Best Western has gotten too expensive anyway. Since the side streets between Halsted and Broadway are now very dangerous at night and will eventually impact them. They will obviously say and do nothing so as not to have to lower their outrageous rates.

    It is self-evident the CPD do NOT want the situation to get any better and will remain in dereliction of duty. That would mean their reassignment to the South and West Sides. I suspect they also have deals with Gang reps to look the other way so as to use them as informants.

    A re-gentrified area is very profitable to a city. As this area quickly degrades to what it was 20-30 years ago, it goes to show how stupid Rahm Emmanual really is by not knowing what butters his bread.

  8. I just left a link to this post in a review of the hotel on Trip Advisor. Anyone else?