Monday, June 24, 2013

HAPPENING NOW: Major Street Fight At Halsted & Roscoe

Thanks to a street fight this morning, one of these windows is no longer in place at Beatnix.

Within the past 15 minutes, police officers posted at Roscoe and Halsted reported a major fight in progress at 3414 N. Halsted.  At least one window of Beatnix, a long-time Boystown costume shop, has been shattered in the melee.

The crowd appears to be dispersing as of 3 o'clock.

The police department has not been able to reach Beatnix's owner (anyone know where Keith is?), so a squad car will be keeping, uh, shoppers away until board up arranged. Case #HW332551

UPDATE 24 JUNE 2013 3:37AM: The owner has arrived at Beatnix and is arranging board up service. Officers will stay with him until the job is done.

Overnight Update
Here are some additional incidents from overnight. Or, as some of our officers refer to these matters, “the usual.”

2:33AM:  Fight in the street at 3246 N. Halsted.

2:34AM: Woman “sprayed with mace” at the Subway restaurant, 901 W. Belmont. Police confirmed the attack and waited 13 minutes for Ambulance 81 to arrive. CWB subsequently learned that this incident was an armed robbery. Chicago Police Department case #HW332572.

3:18AM: Officers report a “disturbance” on the street at 3510 N. Halsted, just north of Cornelia Avenue.

4:23AM: Officers on patrol encounter a battery in progress at Halsted and Waveland.  One attacker is arrested under case #HW332579

4:28AM: A Dodge Avenger flipped over and landed upside down in the middle of Belmont Avenue just east of Halsted. No one was injured.

And, finally, just to keep things interesting, at 4:06AM, a woman called 911 from the 500 block of W. Wellington to report that she lives alone and she just discovered a box of condoms under her pillow.

UPDATED 24 JUNE 2013 10:37AM: Added Overnight Update entries.

UPDATED 2 JULY 2013: Added case number and robbery detail for 2:34AM "mace" incident.


  1. Wait ...cops were STATIONED there and didn't stop the fight???

  2. A squadrol, one of trucks that transport prisoners, was stationed there. They called for additional cars and turned on their lights and siren.

    To be honest, it's hard to think of anything that two cops can do to stop an angry mob from doing what mobs do.

    Thank you for reading our blog and participating in the convo. We truly appreciate it.

    Be safe and be well.

  3. A few more candlelight vigils and marches against racism and carnivores could've prevented this.

  4. As much as I hate to say it. I GLAD that personal property by businesses are getting destroyed now. maybe NOW they will friggin wake up.

  5. Maybe tear gas, bull horns, water canons, pushing them back with their vehicle like they do in other cities? Tasers? Seems the average John Q. Public has one around there now. Or would this "offend and unnerve"?

  6. But anyway, the nice straight couple that live around the corner from there (one a former co-worker) didn't have their annual nice gathering/party at their home for Pride this year for obvious reasons. I wouldn't have went this time anyway.

  7. PaulA,
    I agree completely. So far businesses haven't been damaged, but with Socca, and now Beatnix, business owners have to start wondering, "Am I next?" It's only a matter of time before an ugly incident happens with one of those bars, especially considering that so many of them open up onto the street in the summer.

    The Belmont mob stabbing has gotten some media attention. People should start contacting local media reporters about the situation in general.

    And even though it's the night before a holiday, the CAPS meeting on July 3rd needs a big turnout.

  8. Or perhaps they will just continue to grin and bare it: put up aluminum roller shutters over their windows because their insurance adjustor told them to and will close by 8pm like any other ghetto.

    Insurance companies may also recognize what the area has become and start shooting up their premiums, if not red-line the whole area.

    Rahm is the mayor of the Loop and North North, that's it. Public ridicule on the national news is the only thing that will get to him. Shenanigans that go on in Uptown, Logan Square, Rogers Park pass as normal to Chicago politicians. They know that no one will hold their nose and vote for Republican, so there is no motivation for them to do anything, until maybe an Ann Sathers gets robbed or its windows smashed.

  9. How did a Dodge Avenger flip upside down on Belmont just east of Halsted? That is not an easy task, especially without report of another automobile involved.

  10. move the youth center and the crime will go down.

  11. This is why I haven't been to Boys Town for exactly 5 years. Before that, I'd been going since 1990. That place is becoming ghettofied. Why all this crime in the wee hours of the morning and where the hell are the police??

  12. I think its time to seriously consider just using gay community center as an office building. The element that has been brought into the community is a negative one. It is creating more problems than there used to be. Everyone can scream and say I'm mean, but we all know its true.

  13. they simply should've turned on an episode of real housewives , would have had everyone under control in seconds.

  14. Wow! As a very "frequent" visitor to Boystown, from Milwaukee...I knew it was just a matter of time before these people started damaging sad;( Dont yet understand how the copshop, just a few blocks away, cant patrol these vagrants, from loitering, and their abusive actions??! It's NOT "Rocket Science!", but they're probably AFRAID of being labeled as Racists!! The BUSINESSES better wake up, before it's too LATE..NOW!

  15. Actually this big crime spree is a perfect example of unintended consequences. A few years ago when the Gay Olmypics were held there was no big crime spree.

    As a straight old grangmother, I've never been afraid to walk in Boystown after dark, though this week, I'd probably refrain. The problem is whether gay or straight you knew Gay Pride Day was a Bacchanalia. The police department didn't mind it as they were able to get overtime pay. It was over the top flamboyence and drunkeness. Maybe not everyones cup of tea but a crazy day that you could go to the suburbs or a day trip to avoid.

    When it became a week festival as it did this year to spread out the festivities is when the big problems started. A Bacchanalia that lasts a week can attract many people from all over. The city cannot afford a week of overtime pay for police to keep the drunken revelry in check. Many of us who live in the neighborhood cannot escape the drunken revelry for a week as there is that little problem called having to go to work.

    A good gay friend said something I'm not sure would work but makes some sense. Pass the marriage rights act and then there would be no need for a gay pride parade. I'm pretty sure there would still be some type of gay pride celebration, but I think it would be far less disruptive to those who live here. There would probably be a drunken fest just like on St. Paddy's, but probably less criminal activity like on St. Paddy's day because there would be a greater police presence.

  16. Or, move the Pride parade downtown. Wider streets, better crowd control.

  17. How about just having a parade ? And only the parade .

  18. I have lived in Lakeview for more than 35 years. We never had the kind of "wilding" violence that the community is now experiencing. There might have been problems with the corner of Belmont & Broadway, but that was because
    Dunkin' Donuts did not supervise their parking lot & sometimes people would be robbed leaving Berlin, but never wilding. You have to be honest and say it: the gay community center is now attracting the "wrong" people. I don't even have to spell it out. They are not Lakeview people. The only solution is to close down the building or use it for some other purpose excluding young people. Sorry, but that's the solution. I'd rather do it now than wait for someone to be killed.

  19. D.D. is at Halsted, not Broadway.
    First things first - get rid of that Alderman, then write mass amounts of insulting attack letters to and about Rahmy directly, incessantly, and in public. His fragile ego can't handle it. Let him have a hissy fit with F-bombs in public.

    If the Chi Trib gets taken over by the Koch Brothers, he'll have a new enemy.

    Get Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow to do a feature story on Boystown's reality. They are both gay. If MSNBC and CNN have time to carry on and on about gay marriage in California, they have time for this.

    The Shell station won't fight back because the gangs will further vandalize their property to retaliate.

    1. D.D. is at Belmont and Clark.
      Not Broadway.
      Not Halsted.

  20. Have lived in a building on Halsted for 20 years and have seen a huge escalation in disorderly behaviors. Not just during events, but loud groups of young people hanging out almost every night. RARELY do police intervene, even though the issues recur in the same areas constantly. I've never lived outside of the city, but suburban life actually starts to have some appeal. Realistically, not sure you can escape it anywhere, but some concern on the part of police would be nice to see.