Sunday, June 30, 2013

GOOD START, LOUSY FINISH: Saturday Night Falls Apart

Police managed to keep a lid on things until around 2am, largely because someone decided to keep four cops posted at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. Don't get used to intelligent decisions like that. Once they were gone, though, things returned to normal.

2:21AM: Roscoe's security detained a person for trying to pass counterfeit money. No report filed.

2:49AM: A newspaper delivery man's baby blue Dodge Caravan was stolen while he was tossing papers on the sidewalk around 900 W. Newport, between Halsted and Clark. The van, bearing Illinois plate R313090, has not been found. Case #HW341531

3:23AM: Officers on patrol saw a fight outside of Roscoe's and made one arrest. Case #HW341547

4:05AM: Witnesses reported seeing a black male offender in a baby blue shirt beating a woman outside of Slugger's sports bar, 3540 N. Clark Street, in Wrigleyville. The woman was taken away in an ambulance.

4:17AM: Security at Big City Tap, 1010 W. Belmont at Sheffield, detained a person for trying to break into a car outside their establishment.

4:17AM: A group of fighting "prostitutes" had a victim on the ground outside of Einstein Brothers bagel shop on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. Three were arrested on a variety of charges, including pot possession. Case #HW341613

4:42AM: A male victim was beaten up by a female at Hydrate, 3558 N. Halsted at Cornelia Ave. The offender was last seen walking westbound on Cornelia toward Clark Street. Case #HW341606

UPDATED 14 JULY 2013: Updated case number information for cases in which that had been "to be determined."


  1. Many people were hopeful that the nightly criminal occurrences in Boystown would subside once the Redline reconstruction on the southside was underway.
    Unfortunately, crime continues and the thug-offenders appear to be present in sufficient numbers to victimize people and intimidate police.

  2. What's the deal with Roscoe's? They've been popping up on this blog.

    Last night a man is detained in the bar for passing counterfeit currency. Later there was fight in front of the bar. Last week there was a fight IN the bar. A woman was arrested for throwing a bottle and several people ended up in the hospital. About a month ago there were several instances of a pick-pocket working the crowd in the bar. What is going on with that place?

    So far the thugs that have been coming into the neighborhood at night to clog up Halsted and cause trouble have stayed on the street and out of the bars. I've always said that when the day comes that they begin to expand their presence into one of those bars our trouble will increase dramatically.

    Does anyone know if the situation within Roscoe's is beginning to shift?

  3. Boystown is being seized by a vile street gangs.

  4. Until they start to shift hours of offices to be posted between midnight and 6AM here on Halsted and teh Train on Belmont, this will continue...until Fall when it all stops and peole dont care then.


  5. I think the reason why the Red line construction hasn't slowed down the thugs is because the CTA is running the Red line on Green line tracks after Roosevelt until Ashland/63rd.

  6. They also have cars.

  7. Could you please be consistent in labeling individuals? Are we to assume that if there is no label, the individuals are white?

  8. Thanks everyone for the active discussion.

    Regarding the number of police responses to Roscoe's, we've found that their employees call 911 far more often than any other business on the Halsted strip. They actively report suspicious activity outside the bar as well as problems that happen inside. The neighborhood would be a better place if more businesses followed Roscoe's lead.

    On the subject of the Red Line closure, check out our post from May:

    Thanks again for reading CWB and being a part of the community. We appreciate it.

    Be safe and be well.

  9. Also, regarding the inclusion of suspects' reported races in our reports, we include all descriptive information available to us. Some reports have no suspect description. Others have great detail. You should never assume that an offender is of one race or another. We never withhold any descriptive information and we report all bona fide incidents, regardless of the suspects' descriptions.

  10. I am a business owner on Halsted north of Roscoe and south of Cornelia. I regularly call for law enforcement to respond to situations. A few weeks ago a business was being vandalized. The cops were called. They showed up 46 minutes after the call. Recently a fight broke out directly in front of my business at 1:10am on a weeknight. I called law enforcement and nobody ever responded. Tonight (Sunday after the parade day) we will have trash dumpsters overturned along Halsted, we will have southside trannies and thugs causing trouble, and loud obnoxious noise until all hours. It will not be people who live here, but people who funnel into the area from other neighborhoods. EVERYONE needs to attend the Tue July 3 CAPS meeting!

  11. Perhaps some publicity about Boystown street gangs and Tunney's arrogance should be placed at the end of this article:

  12. North side street gangs are surprisingly diverse.

  13. Not to mention the report around 2:30am of prostitutes using porta potties for hook ups at 732 w roscoe