Saturday, June 29, 2013

FRIDAY BLOTTER: Weekend Kicks off With A Whimper

Saturday, June 29, 2013
12:28AM: A citizen walking with crutches near Clark and Newport was beaten by "a bunch of gangbangers," led by a heavy set, balding Hispanic man in his early 30's. The victim insisted on filing a police report for the damage to his crutches.

Wrigleyville's Clark Street corridor degenerated into a mass of fights and crowds of drunks blocking traffic after 1 o'clock this morning.
  • 12:51AM: Four men fighting in the street outside of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark. A few minutes later, this incident evolved into a man attacking a woman with a sleeper hold.  No arrests
  • 1:34AM: A large crowd from the Exedus II nightclub poured into traffic at Clark Street at Eddy Street.
  • 3:15AM: Officers witnessed a fight on the street at 1130 W. Addison. The incident found its way to the 1100 block of W. Eddy St. No arrests.
Meanwhile, on Boystown's Halsted Strip:
  • 2:00AM: An off-duty police officer working security in the 3400 block of N. Halsted detained a man for battery. One arrest was made at 2:14AM. Chicago Police Department case #HW340104.
  • 2:10AM: A male caller reported that he was following a woman who stole his girlfriend's purse southbound on Halsted Street from Aldine. The boyfriend, the victim, and the suspect--a black female wearing a blue shirt and black pants--were all gone when police arrived more than 10 minutes later. The boyfriend told dispatchers that a report will be filed over the phone.
  • 4:04AM: A fight broke out on the street at an impromptu dance party around Circuit Nightclub and the Center on Halsted. No arrest.
  • 5:03AM: A fight on the street at the Belmont Red Line station, 945 W. Belmont. No arrests.
  • 5:52AM: Steamworks called 911 after an irate male beat and kicked an employee inside the bathhouse. No arrest.
UPDATED 6 JULY 2013: Added case number for 2AM incident.