Saturday, June 29, 2013

FRIDAY BLOTTER: Weekend Kicks off With A Whimper

Saturday, June 29, 2013
12:28AM: A citizen walking with crutches near Clark and Newport was beaten by "a bunch of gangbangers," led by a heavy set, balding Hispanic man in his early 30's. The victim insisted on filing a police report for the damage to his crutches.

Wrigleyville's Clark Street corridor degenerated into a mass of fights and crowds of drunks blocking traffic after 1 o'clock this morning.
  • 12:51AM: Four men fighting in the street outside of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark. A few minutes later, this incident evolved into a man attacking a woman with a sleeper hold.  No arrests
  • 1:34AM: A large crowd from the Exedus II nightclub poured into traffic at Clark Street at Eddy Street.
  • 3:15AM: Officers witnessed a fight on the street at 1130 W. Addison. The incident found its way to the 1100 block of W. Eddy St. No arrests.
Meanwhile, on Boystown's Halsted Strip:
  • 2:00AM: An off-duty police officer working security in the 3400 block of N. Halsted detained a man for battery. One arrest was made at 2:14AM. Chicago Police Department case #HW340104.
  • 2:10AM: A male caller reported that he was following a woman who stole his girlfriend's purse southbound on Halsted Street from Aldine. The boyfriend, the victim, and the suspect--a black female wearing a blue shirt and black pants--were all gone when police arrived more than 10 minutes later. The boyfriend told dispatchers that a report will be filed over the phone.
  • 4:04AM: A fight broke out on the street at an impromptu dance party around Circuit Nightclub and the Center on Halsted. No arrest.
  • 5:03AM: A fight on the street at the Belmont Red Line station, 945 W. Belmont. No arrests.
  • 5:52AM: Steamworks called 911 after an irate male beat and kicked an employee inside the bathhouse. No arrest.
UPDATED 6 JULY 2013: Added case number for 2AM incident.


  1. Sounds like this 'Entertainment Detail' is never around when you need them? Do they go off shift at midnight? It's evident from all these reports that shit starts to happen after midnight.

  2. This gang tag was found on a residential building across from the school on Waveland between Fremont and Halsted.

    The "party" that took place outside Circuit this morning was moving down Waveland while the police were busy in front of the nightclub. I never noticed it until this morning, and suspect it was placed last night.

  3. Some Steamworks employees really have I chuckled that one finally got called out on it.

  4. Physically attacking an employee is no laughing matter. But perhaps SW is now one business that will take the local violence seriously now.

  5. A victim was stabbed on Aldine near Halsted last year. He fled from his attackers by running into Steamworks, where he proceeded to bleed all over the, uh, lobby until an ambulance took him away.

    That should have been yet another wake up call for them.

    Thank you for being a part of CWB!

  6. You know you have hit rock bottom when you are led out of Steamworks in handcuffs.

  7. I didn't say it's right to hit an employee at Steamworks...I'm just saying I understand it.

  8. So I was at Steamworks when this happened.. and have to say that no employee got got beaten or kicked. He tried, sure. The dude was wacked out of his mind on some drug, Im guessing G or Tina, acting all kinds of crazy and scaring other patrons. Originally the plan was to escort him out or call paramedics, but when he started being violent, and taking a few swings, he was overcome pretty quickly, carried down the stairs and detained while waiting for the police. All in all couldnt have been handled better. And as for the comment that some Steamworks employees "have attitudes" Then it was probably when you were either being stupid, intoxicated on something or just being a general a-hole...