Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FOOT PURSUIT: Cops Snag Knife-Wielding Robber

A victim was robbed tonight by a man armed with a knife near this Walgreens at Halsted and Barry. IMAGE: Google

12 June 2013
9:10 PM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW316053

Like the United States Postal Service, not even Wednesday evening's heavy rain could keep Wrigleyville and Boystown criminals from their appointed rounds.

Employees of the Walgreens, 3046 N. Halsted Street at Barry, called 911 tonight to report that a man had just been robbed at knifepoint outside of their store. Police began searching for the attacker, a "short" male, black, with short dreadlocks, wearing a beige tracksuit.

About 15 minutes later, undercover officers saw a man matching the punk's description emerge from an alley next to the Belmont Red Line station. A foot pursuit ensued and officers cornered the suspect inside the parking garage at 3130 N. Sheffield. He was positively identified and arrested.

Unless wearing head-to-toe beige outfits is the latest rage among pint sized street thugs, we suspect tonight's arrestee could be the robber described as a 5'5" male, black, wearing all beige who stole a man's wallet two weeks ago at the intersection of Cornelia and Elaine Place.

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  1. Someone who compiles the statistics would know if this is true, but it from what I'm reading it seems like these incidents are beginning to occur at an earlier hour now than just late night. Our guests are getting bolder.

    I've stopped a number of people on the street and have asked if they're worried about the escalation in crime, and unfortunately, many just say that they don't go out late at night anyway or that "that's not my lifestyle" so I guess that means it doesn't matter to them. Well they better begin to consider 9:10 pm as late at night, and running to Walgreens as not their "lifestyle."