Sunday, June 30, 2013

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS: 60+ Batteries Reported in Pride Parade Area

At least 28 people were arrested for battery in the area of Sunday's Chicago Gay Pride Parade. The arrestees represent just a fraction of the individuals who took part in more than 60 batteries throughout the day and night.

A list of batteries and fights reported to 911 by citizens or witnessed by police near the 2013 Chicago Gay Pride Parade route:

Sunday 30 June 2013
1:36PM: Wellington and Broadway. Victim declined police services.
1:51PM: Battery in the iHop parking lot at Halsted and Broadway.
2:01PM: Battery offenders resisting police at Newport at Halsted.
2:14PM: Battery in progress at the "Punkin' Donuts" on Clark at Belmont.
2:17PM: Battery victim needs an ambulance at 3042 N. Broadway. No arrest.
2:21PM: Officers witness a battery at Clark and Barry. Offender arrested.
2:27PM: Additional units called to handle a fight behind the Subway restaurant at 2938 N. Broadway.
2:32PM: One arrest for fighting at 600 W. Diversey.
2:34PM: A fight at Broadway and Sheridan dispersed when officers arrived.
2:38PM: Fight in the alley behind 3138 N. Broadway at Briar.
2:47PM: One person beaten badly in a 10-person brawl at 3726 N. Broadway. Ambulance requested.
3:00PM: Fight at Roscoe and Halsted.
3:03PM: Customer threatening the manager of "Punkin' Donuts."
3:09PM: Battery victim at Halsted and Broadway. Offender was male, Hispanic, 5'8" tall, wearing shorts and no shirt.
3:11PM: Domestic battery at Broadway and Belmont
3:19PM: Three arrests for battery at Belmont and Sheffield.
3:20PM: One arrest for battery at Clark and Halsted.
3:26PM: A woman called police from the 7-Eleven at Roscoe and Halsted to report that a male, white, with heavy tattoos, short brown hair, and navy blue shorts punched her.
3:29PM: Battery at Roscoe and Halsted results in 2 arrests.
4:00PM: Officers witnessed a battery at Cornelia and Elaine Place. One arrest. Case #HW342145.
4:00PM: A 911 caller said he went to the wrong party and was attacked by the people inside.
4:24PM: A resident who lives near Barry and Broadway reports that 10 people she doesn't know came into her apartment, beat her up, and now they're standing outside laughing about it.
4:31PM: Three girls fighting outside Jamba Juice, 920 W. Belmont
4:35PM: A woman in a car at Hawthorne and Lake Shore Drive is beating someone in the back seat.
4:37PM: Alderman Tom Tunney reports 3 girls fighting next door to his restaurant at 913 W. Belmont.
4:36PM: Commander of the 19th district says he has received reports of a huge crowd at Belmont; fights breaking out in the station.
5:06PM: CTA reports a fight on a southbound Brown Line train at Wellington. Officers remove one "aggressor" at Wellington.
5:35PM: Battery arrest at Belmont and Halsted.
5:40PM: A group was reported fighting inside the City Suites Hotel 933 W. Belmont.
5:59PM: Big fight in progress outside of Taboo-Tabou, 854 W. Belmont.
6:56PM: One arrest at Halsted and Roscoe for assault.
6:58PM: Domestic on Halsted north of Waveland. A Hispanic woman is beating a man with a stick.
7:36PM: Four arrested for battery outside of Starbucks at Clark and Belmont.
7:49PM: Eat A Pita, 3155 N. Halsted, reported that 3 females were beating the restaurant's manager with sticks in the alley. The offenders were gone when police arrived.
8:13PM: Police witness a battery in progress outside Las Mananitas Mexican restaurant at Halsted and Brompton. One arrest.
8:21PM: A "huge gang fight with bats" and other weapons is reported in the 900 block of Roscoe, between Halsted and Clark.
8:21PM: "Huge fight" in the street at Halsted and Melrose. Crowd dispersed.
8:29PM: Woman being attacked on the corner of Clark and Belmont.
8:33PM: Another disturbance at Halsted and Melrose. "Large group of gang members fighting" on Melrose.
8:48PM: Battery in progress the Clark and Belmont "Punkin' Donuts."
8:50PM: Beating victim down and bleeding on Clark Street across from the bank at Belmont.
9:31PM: Battery in progress, 807 W Buckingham west of Halsted.
9:42PM: Five arrested for fighting at Halsted and Roscoe.
9:56PM: A fight inside the 7-Eleven on Sheffield near Wrigley Field.
10:08PM: One female arrested for battery at 856 W. Belmont.
10:31PM: Two men fighting in the vestibule of Chase Bank, 3500 N. Clark Street.
10:41PM: 10 people fighting by the Walgreens at Clark and Barry.
10:55PM: An officer calls for 4 back up units to handle a fight at Halsted and Roscoe. One arrest under case #HW342677.
11:09PM: Two arrested for battery at the "Punkin' Donuts" on Clark at Belmont.
11:19PM: Two arrested at Halsted and Roscoe.
11:30PM: Officers call for an ambulance at Addison and Halsted to treat "someone who just got beat up."
11:57PM: Big fight next to the 7-Eleven on Roscoe at Halsted.

Monday, 1 July 2013
12:34AM: An offender, described only as a black male, is pepper spraying people one block west of the police station on Addison at Wilton.
1:09AM: Big fight at Belmont and Sheffield.
1:17AM: A woman and three men fighting with bottles in the intersection at Halsted and Waveland.
1:17AM: A woman was attacked in a bathroom at Circuit nightclub, 3641 N. Halsted.
1:30AM: Another battery at Circuit. Security is holding the offender.
1:33AM: A mob fighting in the street on Aldine between Halsted and Clark.
1:35AM: Circuit nightclub reports they now have two offenders handcuffed and one restrained. Police prepare to enter the club in force.
2:00AM: Illinois Masonic Medical Center has two battery victims who need to file police reports.
3:25AM: People fighting in the 3400 block of N. Halsted.
4:12AM: Ambulance needed for two persons injured in a domestic battery at Halsted and Cornelia. Both were treated at Thorek Hospital. Chicago Police Department case#HW342847

UPDATED 1 JULY 2013: Added all items beginning with 4:31PM entry. Added opening paragraph. Rewrote second paragraph for clarity. Corrected address of 2:38PM entry.


  1. Hmmmm that last one sounds kinda weird.

    ... But otherwise, a week's worth of carnage in one day ;)

  2. Many years ago the parade was pretty much a neighborhood event, and as it's gotten bigger and bigger it's evolved. More people began attending, and it went through the cool event for straight people to come to, then it went through the bring your family phase. Over the last couple of years it's gotten trashier and trashier. Now it's an absolute mess. A group of drunks have been sitting/laying on the curb on my corner for about a half an hour.

    I agree with someone who commented on an earlier post...move it downtown. It's not appropriate for a residential neighborhood anymore. I don't know where these people are coming form now, but it almost seems like very few are from the neighborhood.

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  4. Was a woman sexually assaulted at Circuit in the bathroom?

  5. Hello Anonymous, the exact nature of the woman's attack is not yet known to us. There was a lot going on inside and around Circuit at that time. We are working to get more information.

  6. You missed: ~2:00AM Chicago Liquor and Bar Commissions shut down bars and alcohol sale for Lakeview, Lincoln Park and UpTown neighborhoods. That was a big deal.

  7. The cops should also be looking to the bars and their owners for underage drinking and over serving. There were multiple people on the street so drunk that they could not even walk! One guy I saw had his friends holding him up to get him down the street and a woman was laying between two parked cars high as a kite with her friend.

  8. "~2:00AM Chicago Liquor and Bar Commissions shut down bars and alcohol sale for Lakeview, Lincoln Park and UpTown neighborhoods. That was a big deal."

    Bars close at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday nights/Monday mornings, anyway. Did this include 4:00 a.m. bars, too?

  9. Oh please - do you really think the bars will stop over-serving? Why take money out of their hands? But yes, its time they should take responsibility..but good luck in that. Unless we start to focus on businesses taking responsibility - nothing will change.

  10. Regarding the huge fight at 8:21 at Halsted and Melrose. While the fight was in progress, a car traveling north on Halsted stopped in the center of the intersection while at least three individuals in the car held out their camera phones taking video of the brawl. Several of the cars behind this vehicle were blowing their horns. The CPD responded immediately to the 911 call with several officers on foot and several vehicles. Most of those involved in the fight ran into the crowds, but the police detained at least 4 bloodied people.

  11. the category is.. 'people who annoy you' ....

  12. I saw one of the "halsted security" choke a guy to the ground out side of Roscoes. Then when the police came the "security" claimed the man tried to punch them...The man was way to drunk to throw a punch.

  13. Bar owners do have some responsibility in some cases. The Dram Shop laws do provide a remedy in some legal claims.

  14. seems like there was a lot of hate crimes being committed that day.

  15. Yes, that guy that they choked to the ground was my friend. I hadn't heard that he "tried to punch him." He was arrested for "assault" because he grabbed the guy's ass. He wasn't aware he was a police officer, as he was undercover. He reacted by choking him, and arresting him. It's always great when the people that are supposed to be protecting you are the homophobic ones that are assaulting you.

  16. Grabbing someones ass without permission is battery - a more severe penalty. It's not okay.

  17. Wow...I guess I'm ok with not attending...

  18. Meanwhile, on Broadway between Addison and Irving Park there was darkness as the streetlights were out on Saturday night and still out on Sunday night! No lights makes it very dangerous for residents of the area and anyone passing through on the way to and from the bars and restaurants. Why has this power outage not been fixed?

  19. I got attacked by five men that then jumped into a van around 8 ish..... right on broadway and roscoe. I couldnt believe it, was right in daylight they just came up and stuck their hands in my pockets then started beating me and stomping me. The police caught them later as they had my phone. They had beat some other guy up after me, and apparently he has brain damage. I cant identify them because it happened so fast. The most upsetting part is they will prob get away with it, because I was busy defending myself and trying not to get killed then to try and memorize what they look like.

  20. As an out-of-state visitor to Chicago's Gay Pride event for nearly 20 years, I've witnessed many changes, improvements, and an obvious increase in attendance.
    In my opinion, this particular Pride event was the dirtiest, most dangerous and uncontrolled gathering I've yet attended! The incredible amount of public intoxication, unruly/rude behavior, public urination, and obviously underage drinking was shocking, and I'm usually a very tolerant, understanding, and fun-loving guy, but this was too much even for me. Addittionally, later in the evening, after the parade, a mob of people descended on the neighborhood who were obviously not there to celebrate pride, behave properly, or respect those there to enjoy the festivities.
    If Chicago allows this kind of behavior to exist in the name of $, (like one previous comment claims), then they won't be seeing my $ being spent here any longer. Likewise, I suspect others will loose interest in the event as well. Considering the huge amount of police and police vehicles on site, the violence and general lawlessness seemed to be difficult or near impossible to control. I was actually scared to walk down the streets at a pride event! Not cool Chicago. I love ya, and thanks for all your other previous pride events, but your party has gone sour. This proud gay man will be celebrating his pride somewhere else next year.