Sunday, June 23, 2013

FIGHT CLUB: You Want Bullshit? We Got Yer Bullshit.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013
3:05PM: A battery victim was reported down outside the iHop at Halsted and Grace. Fire Department personnel treated the victim and officers arrested his attacker. Chicago Police Department case #HW330453.

10:25PM: The Shell/Circle K gas station at Addison and Halsted had to close its doors so employees could clean up the mess caused by a massive fight inside their store. The root cause of the fight is not known, but the "victim" in this case has been locked up repeatedly for fighting and "he got his ass beat" this time, according to an officer.

11:40PM: 2 men fighting inside the 7-Eleven store at Halsted and Roscoe.

Sunday, 23 June 2013
12:12AM: A large group fighting at Halsted and Buckingham.

12:23AM: Five people fighting in the "Punkin' Donuts" parking lot, 845 W. Belmont.

12:36AM:the 7-Eleven at Halsted and Roscoe called again. None of their customers were willing to risk leaving the store because a large mob had taken over its parking lot.

1:13AM: Several callers reported that a large group of men were beating up a lone male as he tried to enter the residence at 724 W. Roscoe, just east of Halsted. Officers arrived within three minutes and caught the tail end of a fight. They reported seeing "blood everywhere." The apparent victim was found 10 minutes later, bleeding and alone behind the 7-Eleven store at Roscoe and Halsted. An ambulance was called to assist him.

1:31AM: The 19th District Police commander personally described the night in Wrigleyville as "a madhouse."

1:55AM: Several patrol cars were dispatched to clear an estimated 200 people from the aforementioned 7-Eleven parking lot. Once that assignment was accomplished, an officer predicted that since the lot was cleared, "they're clogging up Halsted.. It's going to be never ending drama over here, seriously."

2:06AM: People called to complain that people were walking in Halsted Street.

3:10AM: The 19th District Police commander declared that he's "gonna call it a night." A significant number of thugs and drunks decided to keep going.

3:55AM: A man was reportedly being beaten in that same 7-Eleven parking lot.

4:13AM: A "mob" was in the street and breaking things at Halsted and Buckingham.

UPDATED 23 JUNE 2013: Added Editors' Note at the top of the page.


  1. All these crime bulletins and the worst one wasn't even mentioned.

  2. I blame the Northalsted Alliance for not planning out space better. Drunk people in a small confined space with poor traffic flow equals disorderly behavior. And this is why this weekend has always been on one weekend. Ooops.

    1. there are lots of drunk people in small spaces with poor traffic that don't end up causing a "mob" scene (quoted from above at 1236 AM time) - it is the fault of the people that do the fighting - people don't want to accept responsibility for their behaviors

  3. Hi, Anonymous.

    The story has been at the top of our blog since 7:30 this morning:

  4. Robert, with all due respect, the people who created the problems are the same crowd that comes in at night to clog up Halsted to cause trouble. They weren't there for Pridefest or to patronize the Halsted bars. I was at Pridefest and it wasn't out of control or unruly at all. I walked over to Halsted later in the night to see what was going on, and it had become a very different situation.

    To once again blame the area business owners and their patrons isn't fair or accurate.

  5. i agree with michael.....its not the patrons of pridefest ....its the thugs coming in at night to hang out....i live at belmont and sheffield.....and if anyone would like to come by and see the crowd that hangs out on my corner every night...u are more than welcome....what are the bars suppose to do ...its not like these folks are hanging out in their bars spending any money....they just walk around all night....i was also at pridefest ....and as busy as it was...and as drunk as some people were ....i did not notice any problems (not to say there were not)...but i also made a point to get home before it got to late

  6. Asby Bowman, since you have a vantage point to document the crowds hanging out on your corner every night, would you please take photos and/or video (discretely), and email them to this blog and also the Facebook page, Take Back Boystown?

  7. If you want to reduce the crime in this area, shut down the bars and clubs at midnight and the businesses at 11.

  8. Shut down bars in Boystown at midnight? Yeah, tell me how that goes. It isn't the patrons going to those bars it's the thug shit trash coming in late having nothing better to do than start shit.