Sunday, June 02, 2013

CUBS: Not The Only Losers In Wrigleyville

1 June 2013
Chicago Police Department Case #SEE BELOW

It's been a while since the antics of Wrigleyville's Clark Street crowd has stolen the spotlight from Halsted Street. But that's exactly what happened Saturday night into this morning.

11:00PM: Officers found a man "with his head cracked open" in the street at Sheffield and Addison. Witnesses told officers that the man had been beaten into that condition by a group of men. The bloody man, however, told cops that he had simply fallen down. No report was taken.

11:01PM: A large fight broke out on Sheffield Avenue between Newport Avenue and Cornelia Avenue. Two male, whites were detained by freshly-minted Probationary Police Officers. No report was taken because no victims asked to file reports.

2 June 2003

12:29AM: A major fight broke out at the always "interesting" Exedus II nightclub. Officers dispersed the brawlers.

2:36AM: Two employees of O'Malley's Liquor Kitchen, 3551 N. Sheffield, chased down a theft suspect and held him for police at 1027 W. Addison Street, across from Wrigley Field.

2:55AM: Wrigley Field security detained two men who broke into the stadium at Gate K on Waveland Avenue. Police arrested both men for trespassing.

3:12AM: A patrolling officer reported a "big, big fight" at the intersection of Roscoe and Clark. Ten officers responded and one victim asked to file a report. He then changed his mind and walked away.