Saturday, June 29, 2013

CAR MUGGED: Crazed Perp Bolts Across Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Drive's eight lanes of traffic are shown in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Image:
29 June 2013
Chicago Police Department Case # No report filed

An officer on patrol saw a man kick the window out of a gray 2000 Honda that was parked at Hawthorne Place and Inner Lake Shore Drive. The suspect escaped from the police by running across eight lanes of traffic and the median of Lake Shore Drive. Minutes later, a cab driver approached the officer on the Inner Drive and reported that the same suspect pounded on his taxi in traffic.

Several units combed the park and Belmont Harbor for the suspect without success.  He is described as a shirtless, thin white male in his mid-20's, 5'10" tall, curly dark hair and possibly a goatee, wearing his pants halfway down.

UPDATE 14 JULY 2013: No police reports have been filed in these matters.