Friday, June 07, 2013

CAPS OFFICER LIE #1,293,894 REVEALED: Things Are NOT Better Since Robbery "Crackdown"

The people over at Take Back Boystown have posted revealing information about the real state of affairs around here.

The graphic below shows how many robberies were reported to police in every month since January 2001. The area covered is immediately south and east of Wrigley Field as well as along Boystown's Halsted strip. TBB summarizes things this way:
"Robberies up 75% over last year. Up 94% over 2011. Up 191% over 2010. Crime is down."
We would add that the thugs this year have set performance records for January, February, and May robberies. Perhaps they're bonused on that?

And the 19th district CAPS sergeant's claims that things have chilled out since January's "spike" are—GASP—questionable.

Click the image to enlarge:

Image: Take Back Boystown