Sunday, June 09, 2013

BLOTTER: Wrigley Shoe Attack; Belmont Subway Solidifies Shitshow Status

Saturday 11:54PM: A woman was just minding her business at Clark Street and Newport Avenue when an unknown woman walked up and started beating her in the face with a shoe. An officer drove the victim around the neighborhood in an effort to find the attacker, described as a female, white with brunette hair, a white shirt, striped skirt, and high heels. Case #HW310610

Sunday 2:03AM: Employees at an establishment across the street from the Subway restaurant, 901 W. Belmont, told police that they could see a man in the Subway "tearing the place apart..throwing tables and chairs and throwing garbage." The responding police sergeant determined that the offender, who had left the scene, was having "a mental experience." The 30-something wild man was last seen in dark clothing, carrying a bible, and screaming as he walked westbound on Belmont Avenue. Chicago Police Department case #HW310708

UPDATED 16 JUNE 2013: Added case number for the first item.

UPDATED 17 JUNE 2013: Added case number for the second item.