Thursday, June 27, 2013

BLOTTER: Citizen of the Year Nominee Found On Belmont

Talking points for your next conversation with Alderman Tunney. Image: 
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
8:54PM:  A concerned citizen reported that, at 909 W. Belmont, a “person” wearing red pants, a t-shirt, and black shoes was standing next to Ann Sather restaurant swearing about Ann Sather’s owner, Alderman Tom Tunney.  Officers could not locate the person. That’s too bad, because we really like what we've heard about them.

11:22PM: A man reported that a black man dressed as a woman with shoulder length hair pushed him down and took his house keys in the 900 block of W. Addison.  The offender selected a leopard print outfit for the occasion.

Thursday, 27 June 2013
12:15AM: Wrigleyville Dogs, 3737 N. Clark, reported that someone threw lit firecrackers into their hot dog stand.