Sunday, June 30, 2013

BIG GAY BLOTTER: Dancing on A Cop Car; Urine Tossed

Asshats ruining it for the rest of us at Broadway and Barry.
An enterprising neighborhood menace tried to make a little extra cash before the parade by selling parking spaces on the Hawthorne Scholastic Academy's parking lot a couple of blocks west of Sheffield at 3319 N. Clifton. The entrepreneur, a male, white who goes by the name of "Justin" or "Victoria" was dressed as a woman today. She was gone when officers arrived.

A 25-person anti-gay protest group set up shop at the corner of Diversey Parkway and Pine Grove Avenue. Two individuals were arrested at that intersection around 3:30pm, but it is not known if they were protesters or anti-protester protesters.

Stella's Diner at Broadway and Barry reported that about 30 revelers were jumping on and around an unattended police squad car. Responding officers confirmed that the vehicle was damaged in the "celebration." (See video HERE)

There was a rude welcome awaiting some parade-goers who passed an alley west of Halsted on Waveland. A group of men sitting on the hood of a white SUV threw cups of urine on passers-by, but they were gone by the time officers arrived.

Two public drug markets were reported to be in operation during the parade. The first call at 1:30pm reported drug deals taking place in the alley behind 846 W. Cornelia Avenue, a half block west of Halsted.

About an hour later, two callers reported hand-to-hand drug deals taking place on the street at Broadway and Wellington.

Crime reports from the evening hours of Pride Sunday are posted in our follow up report.