Saturday, June 08, 2013

BELMONT BEATINGS: A Saturday Sampler Pack

Here's a little taste of this morning's Belmont Avenue fight activity:

1:38AM: An employee of the Clark and Belmont Starbucks reported that a man was getting beat up across the street. The victim refused medical treatment.

4:07AM: Officers responded calls of a man being beaten at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield by a group of men dressed as women. Arriving officers ordered an ambulance for the victim, who was transported to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment. Case #HW309472

5:22AM: Old reliable, the Subway restaurant at 901 W. Belmont,  put a pretty pink bow on top of this delightful morning. A customer there called 911 to report that her sister's boyfriend was beating the woman in front of her children. The attacker, reportedly armed with a knife, was described as male, black, and wearing a red and black hat, red shirt, gray jacket, blue jeans, and red shoes. His name may be "James." Police arrived a whopping 9 minutes later and reported "nothing going on."


  1. And why does Starbucks need to be open 24 hours? Does Chicago like the attention they're bringing to you? Well, at least they're a "chain".

  2. For the same reason that parents would have their children in a Subway restaurant and 5AM, A.

    Thank you for reading and participating in our blog. We do appreciate it!

    Be safe and be well.

  3. It would be different if every Starbucks was open 24 hours but I feel they are being patronizing of the situation, demographics, problems and violence here. Not too Seattle "cool".