Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BAD COMBO: Noisy, Pushy, And Stupid

The Potbelly at 924 W. Belmont. (Image: Potbelly)

19 June 2013

A passerby reported 12 men and a woman arguing and "getting ready to fight" in front of Potbelly, 924 W. Belmont.

Several officers made their presence know, but decided to let the group find its way to the Red Line without intervention.

All of that changed after the dimwits decided to get physical while the cops stared right at them. Multiple background checks ensued and two dopes were arrested at 5:18AM.

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  1. Maybe Potbelly will decide to be open 24 hours soon to take advantage of the after-bar crowd. They haven't seen anything yet but obviously this is quite lucrative for Starbucks and Subway. And they still believe Donald Trump has no values in that area.