Tuesday, June 11, 2013

BAD APPLE: iPhone Maker Plans Theft-Deterring "Kill Switch"

A good story via our comments section:
Apple has finally announced a new feature called the "Kill Switch"...if your iphone gets stolen, you run home, log in to the website and the site sends a signal to the phone, permanently bricking the phone...once the phone is made worthless, then there is no ability to sell a stolen phone, and this will hopefully eliminate the desire to steal phones altogether. Hopefully this will cause the robbers to stop coming to our neighborhood altogether:
This is definitely a step in the right direction. Our opinion is that while phones are juicy targets, they are but one of the motivating factors behind the criminal activity we're seeing.  We can hope that a good chunk of the trouble we're seeing will go away once the Apple "Kill Switch" is in wide circulation.

Thanks, Anonymous, for reading our blog and taking the time to share this story. We appreciate it.