Monday, June 03, 2013

ARREST #77: Just A Misunderstood Youth

One of Amarri C. Bowens' many, many, many mugshots. (Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office)

The Chicago Tribune today carries the story of Amarri C. Bowens.

In his short 22 years on this planet, Bowens has racked up 77 arrests, including his most recent dickish move: Stealing $29.89 worth of Starburst candy from the Addison L station convenience store.

Bowens has more photos online than Grumpy Cat.

We'd like to think that this time he won't be paroled after serving less than half of his sentence. But, this is still Illinois, so we really shouldn't try to think.

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  1. So why do I witness the CPD spread eagling the likes of him, throwing them up against the car, removing the items from their pockets and telling them to "Now, get the F out of here!" at the 7-11 on Addison but at the 7-11 around the corner on Halsted they're treated with kid gloves and a "Now, just pipe down skippy, shhhhh"? Can somebody please explain this?