Sunday, May 19, 2013

UPDATE: Tasing Robbery Suspects Spotted? No Cops Assigned.

Here's a real shock to the system....

Barely three hours after a woman was Tased and robbed by a group of 4 to 5 black women near Boystown, a 911 caller reported that 4 to 5 black women were armed with at least one knife and one Taser outside of Spin nightclub on the corner of Halsted and Belmont.

Sadly, the district's police officers were all tied up at the time and no organized attempt to locate the women was launched...

The group was said to have attacked a man outside of Spin before escaping westbound on Belmont toward Clark Street.


  1. Where has the area's fearless Alderman been the last few months in calling for police resources not be undermined ? Hiding behind Rahm's drapes ?

    New York City did not have much change to spare in the early, yet cut violent crime rate to be 25% of Chicago's. What Chicago has now is the ineptitude of the NYC Koch/Dinkens malaise.

  2. I was at the Vic both Friday and Saturday nights. As I walked home after the shows things were already looking pretty bad on Belmont and Halsted, and it was barely 11:30. Will the police act shocked when the next CAPS meeting is crowded with angry residents? They've had all winter to prepare and come up with a solution. I went to a CAPS meeting last summer, and when someone brought up the gangs roving Halsted and escalating crime the officer running the meeting said, "Really?" as though this was the first time she was hearing about it. "I know there were some problems last year, but I thought that had been addressed." That was her response.

  3. Agreed, Anonymous #2.

    CWB is fully supportive of our patrol officers, but we cannot allow ourselves to be mislead by people who run the police department and represent us in the City Council.

    They should be treated like the rest of us are treated at work. We're responsible for successes and held accountable for our failures. The second part of that equation is sorely lacking around here.

    Thank you for reading our blog and taking the time to comment. Be safe and be well.

  4. If the CPD precinct is still in denial after 2 years of this, they are totally incompetent and/or ignoring the problem to boost their stats.

    It is a forgone conclusion that something will happen along Belmont, Aldine and Buckingham, 11pm-4am between Sheffield and Broadway every night. There is no excuse a cruiser cannot cover that circuit every 15 minutes.

    Out of 307 of them, even if 75 (25%) of them are on duty at any particular time, they are clearly and deliberately having donuts somewhere to ignore this.

    Forget about building that new hotel. The gay tourists will be headed to safer and more competent cities.

  5. I posted the second comment. I am curious about the proposed hotel on Halsted. Do the developers have any idea what dynamic has taken hold on that street at night. I think neighborhood residents should approach the developer and tell them that they will have the residents' support IF they insist the city cleans up the problem before any plans move forward. A high-end hotel would elevate the street, but they certainly won't succeed there under these current circumstances.

    I also think it's time for buildings to begin to band together and have their boards attend CAPS meeting together, insist on meetings with the aldermen and police. There is strength in numbers, and a unified front of condo buildings would be much harder to ignore.

  6. The OUT Chicago hotel developer seems to be aware of at least some heightened level of crime in the area.

    He and the project's proponents have made the hotel's promise of "24 hour security" a key talking point in meetings.

    Of course, the developer's promise is not binding and hotel security officers handle security of the hotel, not the streets around it.

    The OUT proposal is being touted as the savior of the Boystown strip on many fronts. It will reduce crime, increase revenue for neighborhood businesses 7 days a week, and revitalize the nightlife. All of that goodness will come with no significant impact on street traffic, if the developer is to be believed.

    Also, if the OUT project proceeds, everyone in Boystown will automatically sprout unbelievable abs and develop personalities that sexy people find irresistible. OKAY. We made those last two up.

    The OUT proposal will be on the agenda at tonight's Belmont Harbor Neighbor's Meeting, 7:00PM at the 19 district police station.

  7. The hotel should be nailed down to precisely define "24 hour security". That could just mean a 1" thick lexan window for the front desk staff and a Rent-A-Cop (from the mall) outside.

    What the city needs is for this deal to collapse, and for a few major downtown conventions to cancel due to the city's incompetence. Saying that Chicago is safe - it's just the South Side, or the West Side, or it's better than Gary is hardly a defense. It seems, once Chicago lost the Olympic bid, they have stuck their heads in the sand rather than get competent.

    A few years ago, I would think nothing of walking back from North Halsted to the Best Western or Days Inn around midnight, or wait for a Clark of Halsted bus at Belmont. Now, forget it. I would not go there after dark.
    See how much longer Nookies Tree and Melrose Diner stay open all night.

    This tourist will spend more time in Andersonville even though the restaurants are not as impressive. Nearer to the Gay Beach via the Petersen bus anyway.