Sunday, May 05, 2013

SATURDAY NIGHT FUROR: Thugs Strike At Bustling Roscoe & Halsted

A victim was beaten and robbed on Roscoe Street Saturday night, just steps beyond this 7-Eleven. (Image: Google)
4 May 2013
10:36 PM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW260742

A male victim was beaten and robbed of his wallet and $100 as Saturday night revelers filled the Halsted strip just steps away.  The robbery took place a mere 20 feet east of the Boystown 7-Eleven store on Roscoe Street.

Police are looking for two attackers:

ATTACKER #1: male, black, 6'2" tall, 230 pounds, wearing a burgundy stripe button down shirt

ATTACKER #2: male, black, 5'7" tall, 150 pounds, 20 to 22 years old wearing a short sleeve white tee shirt.

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  1. Chicago seems to be NYC of the 1980's: a loudmouth, over-rated mayor who is functionally nothing more than a CEO, and a Police department who are at wits end to do anything about it.

    There are ways to deal with crime waves and gangs, such as 4 shifts per day with overlap. Perhaps Guiliani and Bratton need to be sent to Chicago. In any case, Rahmy needs to be primaried out.