Sunday, May 26, 2013

OVERNIGHT BLOTTER: Fists Fly, Cop Cars Beaten

Saturday night's alright for fighting
Get a little action in
--Elton John

1:55AM: Report of a large fight at the intersection of Clark and Roscoe, followed by one report of shots fired. The crowd dispersed as police arrived. Shots fired could not be confirmed by officers.

1:58AM: An off duty police officer working North Halsted security reported a large fight at the intersection of Halsted and Newport, with a 40 year old man bleeding from the face. An ambulance treated the man. Responding officers chased a group of suspects north through the alley and arrested one at 805 W. Cornelia, along side Hydrate

2:18AM: A major fight involving at least 12 individuals broke out near the Chase Bank at the intersection of Clark and Cornelia. A police squad car was damaged in the melee. Police case #HW291200 

2:51AM: A witness reported that a white Dodge Charger with four Hispanic male occupants in Blackhawks jerseys struck a police squad car at Clark and Addison, then fled northbound. The Charger has not been found.

3:11AM: A witness walked into the 19th district police station with the following tip: He was just at the Subway restaurant, 901 W. Belmont, where he saw a man get out of a black Crown Victoria, open the trunk, retrieve a "large gun," then get back into the vehicle, which was then driven off by another male, black. The witness gave police a license plate number. Officers toured the area without success.

5:18AM: Police assisted a fire department ambulance crew in scooping a battery victim out of the street at Belmont and Halsted.

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  1. Crazy, just crazy!! These giant fights with 12 people brawling in the intersection...this is just freaking nuts!!

    To any police reading this: We, the residents of the neighborhood, are grateful for all the work you guys are doing to try and restore order to the neighborhood! We definitely got your back and we know you guys are short-staffed. Rahm needs to hire more police now!