Thursday, May 23, 2013

INTERNATIONAL MR. WEATHER: Famed Meteorologist May Save Our Weekend

Tom Skilling (Source:WGN-TV)

Legendary Chicago TV weatherman Tom Skilling is forecasting cool temperatures and cloudy skies this weekend. Let's all hope that he's right and that the unseasonable weather puts a damper on thug activity. Because last year's holiday weekend was much warmer, with high temperatures in the 90's, and the thugs came out in droves.

There was only one Cub home game last Memorial Day weekend. No Cubs home games are scheduled for this weekend.

Rather than the Cubs, the big draw to the neighborhood every Memorial Day weekend is the influx of bears, otters and cubs (small c) that stampede Boystown for the International Mr. Leather convention.

Last year's IML weekend drew plenty of thugs, too.

Chicago police recorded a slew of violent crimes in Boystown and Wrigleyville over last year's holiday: 1 assault with handgun; 1 unlawful possession of a firearm; 1 kidnapping; 1 sexual abuse; 7 robberies; and 15 batteries.

 If this year's crime count falls short of last year, we will proudly name Tom Skilling "International Mr. Weather 2013." No harness required, Tom.


  1. Temperature has nothing to do with their activities. Rain does however. This has already been discussed and proven on other various forums.

  2. The effect of rain is debatable, too, it seems.

  3. So now we are supposed to hope for lousy weather to save us from criminals??? How about hoping instead for hot weather and that the criminals come out in force and get gunned down?