Sunday, May 19, 2013

GENTLE REMINDERS: This Is Why Mommy Told You Not To Play In The Street

Saturday 18 May 2013 10:17PM
A skateboarder was struck by a car in the southbound lane of Clark Street between Roscoe and Aldine. The 'boarder was taken to Illinois Masonic via ambulance and is expected to recover. CPD Case #HW280725

Sunday 19 May 2013 1:28AM
Police responded to citizen calls of a "crazy man" walking through lanes of heavy traffic near the intersection of Belmont and Sheffield. Officers arrived and quickly determined that:
(a) he was a 32 year old white male who lives nearby
(b) the man appeared to be extremely intoxicated and
(c) he had an enormous amount of blood flowing from his head
The man became highly combative with paramedics, so officers rode along as Ambulance 81 transported the gentleman to Illinois Masonic for repairs.