Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FACTS: Occasionally Inconvenient.

The 70 most robbery laden blocks in Chicago last year. Note: The11600 block of S. Halsted and the 1600 block of W. Howard are cropped out due to size constraints.

Are you like us? Do your uninformed friends, co-workers, and acquaintances roll their eyes and tell you how crazy you are when you say that Wrigleyville and Boystown have become unsafe?

Well, roll your eyes back.

We got some of the usual guffawing after we posted the Most Dangerous Streets in Wrigleyville and Boystown yesterday. Some people simply refuse to believe that this area is anywhere near as bad as stereotypical "bad" Chicago neighborhoods.

But you're not wrong. They are.

Take a look at that map up there. We've plotted the 70 most robbery riddled blocks in the City of Chicago, based on the Chicago Police Department's 2012 reports.

The observant eye will notice a little island of nastiness up here near Belmont Harbor. Four of the 70 worst blocks are right here in Wrigleyville and Boystown.

And across the entire North Side, from the Kennedy Expressway to Lake Michigan and from the Chicago River to the north and west city limits, there is only one other block on the list: 1650 West Howard, home of a major CTA hub (not pictured on this image due to size restrictions).

Feel free to explore the map. You can zoom in to street level and poke around.

And for a quick glance, here's a list of the 70 worst blocks in town:

NOTE: Block numbers are rounded up from "00" to "50" in order to center their placement on the map.


  1. EXCELLENT post.

    There is one website in particular, where the forum is dominated by a handful of people, whom I believe are in the real estate industry, and refuse to acknowledge the problems here in our neighborhood.

    Keep going, CWB! We are working to get more police hired and to restore safety to our streets here in Lakeview. I know the city leaders are watching, we just have to keep exposing the truth.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It needs to be shoved in the business owners/employees faces too, not just real estate people.

  3. Local business are also in denial. This tourist mentions the "crime problem" to places like Lucky Horseshoe and Cupid Tresures, and they reply "what crime problem".

    Evidently they think if they ignore a problem, it will go away. On the contrary, the Lakeview East C of C should be raising hell, the Alderman, and the Mayor need to get voted out of office due to incompetence.

    I have never before seen a regentrified area turn back until now and it is tragic. This crap would not be tolerated in NYC.

  4. I think some of the big bar owners on Halsted have been supporters of The Center. They better begin to rethink the wisdom of their support. I asked a couple of small business owners on Broadway if they're getting nervous about the increase in crime, and they acted like they had no clue. It won't belong before we start seeing many of those shops vandalized. Also, I've been asking people on the street with children if they're worried. They all have their heads in the sand. I'm mystified by the apathy. One woman told me the Halsted nightlife isn't her lifestyle. I told her a neighbor in my building was attacked and beaten right outside our entrance on Pine Grove when he left for work at 5am. last summer. Starting work early...that was his dangerous lifestyle. I really think it will take a lot more people to get involved before we see any real action taken.

  5. There has to be some financial or tax incentive for them to harbor this, yes. There is no other reason. The local businesses weren't in denial years ago regarding this. They KNEW they couldn't deny it so they got together and coined the term "just transient youth".

    Yeah, and they still think you're going to buy an apartment in drag around there for upwards of $300K when you can't even leave for work without being attacked and beaten down. How are you going to pay for it? It's a shame when your gym opens at 5:30am and you have to wait until the sun rises to utilize it too.

  6. "There has to be some financial or tax incentive for them to harbor this"

    I'm convinced that "transgender" was added to the list of programs available for grants and government cash. The Center, Howard Brown Youth Center, the shelter opening up in Edgewater, the church on Addison just past Wrigley....let's be honest here, how many transgendered people can there really be, and suddenly there's an army of them? The Center, etc, as well as the people flocking to those's all a con job. Find out where the money is coming from, that's what I say.

  7. Correct. And that BYC admitted themselves on another forum that they have 4,000 (if I read correctly) members and "we estimate about 25% of them are homeless" which equals probably 38 of them are homeless. They all return on the Red Line somewhere south so where are they going? To sleep in a park down there? Why not sleep at the lakefront near Belmont?

    Transgendered? Yeah, as an added bonus they get to go on their sprees in disguise. Any fool can see through this. And furthermore, they don't patronize the bars or businesses in the area anyway. Happy Diversity - Chicago style.