Thursday, May 30, 2013

BAD SNATCH: Purse Grab Ends With Arrest

20 May 2013
2:43 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #See Below

A female UIC student's night on the town was punctuated by an attempted theft of her purse near the intersection of. . . wait for it. . .Belmont and Sheffield! The victim and a friend fought back, stalling the would-be thief long enough for cops to arrive and arrest the little thugette. An officer gave the victim and her friend a ride back to the UIC campus after filing their report. Case #HW296370

…Only one other note from last night: Shortly after midnight, officers responded to two calls of disturbances on the street near Rocks Lakeview at 3463 N. Broadway. One call reported a black male in his 50's wearing a beige jacket and white pants "swinging a 2-by-4 with a nail in it" as he walked southbound from that address. The other call reported a white male wearing a Blackhawks jersey "punching things" at Rocks. Someone was arrested, but we aren't sure which guy it was. Case #HW296278

UPDATED 7 JUNE 2013: Added case number for the battery on Broadway.