Sunday, May 19, 2013


19 May 2013
3:46 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #NONE, SADLY

Why? Why can't our police department simply find a way to control Belmont Avenue? It's truly beginning to seem like they've given up a chunk of the city to whomever wants claim it.

As Saturday night turned into Sunday morning, the 19th district once again ran out of police officers, essentially leaving citizens to fend for themselves while swarms of people took over streets and at least one robbery victim went without aid.

At 2:47AM, a robbery was reported at 958 West Belmont, near Cheesie's Pub, next door to Berlin nightclub. The victim reported that a would-be robber, described as male, black, with short hair wearing a black shirt and black hat, jumped him and struggled to steal the victim's phone before fleeing eastbound on Belmont.

Unfortunately, this victim's fate was nearly the same as another victim who was robbed at the same location just two nights ago. No district officers were available to help and the citizen's call for help was essentially abandoned. Even 10 minutes after the victim dialed 911, no police unit had been assigned to handle the robbery.

That means at least two robberies this week may not show up in Chicago Police Department statistic because there were no police officers to file the reports...or, say, hunt for the attackers.

Throughout the night, large groups of people were reported to have taken over street corners and intersections:

• 3:04AM the Big City Tap at Belmont and Sheffield reported up to 20 men dressed as women yelling and fighting on the corner.

• 3:11AM multiple reports came in of a "large group of people threatening each other" at the intersection of Halsted and Aldine. Subsequent callers reported a battery in progress, which indicates that, at a minimum, punches were being thrown.

• 3:14AM two police officers confirmed a large group had taken over Halsted and Aldine, then moved west on Aldine as well as south to Halsted and Melrose.

• 3:57AM multiple callers reported a mob on the corner of Sheffield and Belmont again.  This was subsequently reported as 20 men "causing trouble" as they headed west on Belmont from Sheffield. Unlike other incidents tonight, an actual police officer responded to this incident and dismissed it as "the usual stuff" before moving on.

"The usual stuff."  Interpretation: Things that lead to arrests in the glitzy Gold Coast are allowed to proceed as "business as usual" in Wrigleyville and Boystown.