Saturday, May 18, 2013

AFTERPARTY: Friday Mayhem Pales In The Shadow of Thursday's Main Event

Friday night's Belmont Avenue festivities weren't nearly as "festive" as Thursday night's, but that doesn't mean the punches didn't fly and the handcuffs didn't click.

Police worked calls on Belmont between Sheffield Avenue and Halsted Street throughout the night, with the Belmont L stop being the center of attention.

The first flareup came around 12:45AM when citizens flagged down police officers to report a series of fights inside the Belmont L station.

Police arrested two troublemakers, including one juvenile, at Belmont & Sheffield around 4AM.

And shortly after 4AM, a man was beaten on the sidewalk outside of Philly's Best restaurant, 907 W. Belmont, just west of Clark Street. He was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital in ambulance #80 for treatment. Police recorded the battery under case #HW279640.

Other miscellaneous mayhem included a reported purse snatching at 1:45AM outside the Irish Oak bar, 3512 N. Clark. The thief, a male, black, between 6'1" and 6'2", fled north on Clark Street and was not found. Case #HW279517

UPDATE 26 May 2013: Added report numbers for the Irish Oak theft.