Sunday, April 14, 2013

TOASTED! Customers Overpower Attacker At Belmont Subway Sandwich Shop

29 March 2013
4:05 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW210771

REPORT: Just an hour after a stabbing at the Subway restaurant at 901 W. Belmont, a black male with dreads possibly known as "Blaka" attacked a patron inside a different Subway restaurant just one block away and took the victim's phone.

RESOLUTION: The assailant was immediately jumped and restrained by citizens who overcame the perpetrator's violent escape attempts. An undercover officer at the Belmont L station saw the fight spill onto the sidewalk and he responded immediately to execute an arrest.

The offender, who continued to be highly combative, claimed to be experiencing a seizure. Chicago Fire Department ambulance #6 arrived and refused to transport the offender because he was too violent. The offender was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital in the back of a police car where he was welcomed by additional police officers bearing leg irons.