Thursday, April 25, 2013

THANKS A LOT, TOM SKILLING: Cops Gear Up For Warm Weather, Return of Hibernating Thugs

Chicago's wet and cold April will wrap up with a series of warm days in the 70's. And that forecast has police leadership in the 19th district crossing their fingers tonight as we head into several days of sunshine and warm temperatures.

The throngs of criminals who've hunted Wrigleyville and Boystown over the past few years have largely been kept at bay by April's freezing cold, then soaking wet weather. "They'll be as excited to get out of the house as the rest of us," one 19th district patrolman predicted.

The district's robbery Mission Team will be in full gear this weekend, ready to execute fast responses to any robbery reports. But people walking the neighborhood "have to pay attention. The bad guys will certainly be out...soon enough."