Sunday, April 21, 2013

ROBBERY & BEATING: Fat Ass White Boy Thug Gets Plowed Down By Freakin' Awesome Coppers

20 April 2013
2:37 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW240089

REPORT: A witness reported that a 5'9" fat white male in a plaid blue shirt beat a woman and stole her purse outside of Taco & Burrito Palace, 3507 North Halsted. The portly perp was last seen waddling westbound on Cornelia from Halsted.

RESOLUTION: Police arrested the thunder thighed thug nearly a mile away at the intersection of Broadway and Sheridan. Police recovered the stolen property and returned it to the victim.

UPDATE 22 APRIL 2013: The Chicago Tribune is covering the story.

UPDATE 3 JULY 2013: Graham continues to be held without bail in the Cook County Jail. Added current mugshot.

Ota Graham Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office


  1. This guy doesn't look white. But no matter, he got nailed, and that's what counts.

  2. This creep Ota Graham is back in the neighborhood.Jewel security ran him out the store recently.Just a matter of time befor he is back in the pin.