Sunday, April 21, 2013

ROBBERY & BEATING: Fat Ass White Boy Thug Gets Plowed Down By Freakin' Awesome Coppers

20 April 2013
2:37 AM
Chicago Police Department Case #HW240089

REPORT: A witness reported that a 5'9" fat white male in a plaid blue shirt beat a woman and stole her purse outside of Taco & Burrito Palace, 3507 North Halsted. The portly perp was last seen waddling westbound on Cornelia from Halsted.

RESOLUTION: Police arrested the thunder thighed thug nearly a mile away at the intersection of Broadway and Sheridan. Police recovered the stolen property and returned it to the victim.

UPDATE 22 APRIL 2013: The Chicago Tribune is covering the story.

UPDATE 3 JULY 2013: Graham continues to be held without bail in the Cook County Jail. Added current mugshot.

Ota Graham Image: Cook County Sheriff's Office