Sunday, August 30, 2015

WRIGLEYVILLE: Woman Awakened During Criminal Sexual Assault Attempt

Chicago police are investigating after a woman reported being awakened by an attempted criminal sexual assault Sunday morning near Wrigley Field.

Around 6:30 this morning, the woman told police that she woke up in the 1100 block of West Patterson to discover a shirtless man on top of her. The offender fled the apartment with credit cards, identification, and other property belonging to the victim and a second woman.

Police describe the suspect as a tall, slender, well-built, shirtless black man with a wide nose and dreadlocks pulled into a pony tail.

The victim, 26, is being treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
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BURGLARY BLITZ: Fresh Outbreak Has Prowlers Entering Homes, Stealing Cars

A fresh string of home break-ins may indicate that another enterprising burglar has set up shop in the neighborhood. In two cases yesterday, a burglar took car keys from residences and stole the victims' vehicles, too.

• At 8:30AM on Friday, a man woke up in the 600 block of W. Roscoe and discovered that someone had forced open a window and burglarized his apartment as he slept. Among the items taken was the man’s iPhone, which was last seen pinging from a Cricket wireless store in Humboldt Park.

• At 5AM on Saturday, a resident of the 3200 block of N. Seminary reported that his home had been burglarized and his vehicle taken.

• Shortly after 10AM on Saturday, a man reported that his apartment was burglarized in the 800 block of Newport. His vehicle was also stolen from his garage.

• A landlord found one of his units burglarized in the 700 block of Barry at 8:45 this morning. No report has been taken because the person who rents the apartment was not on-scene to sign a complaint.

• Near Graceland Cemetery, a citizen in the 1400 block of W. Belle Plaine was awakened at 5AM on Saturday by the sound of an intruder breaking out one of their home’s windows. The would-be burglar fled upon discovering that someone was awake inside.

And, of course, there’s the man who went to his basement in the 800 block of Bradley Friday afternoon and returned moments later to find a complete stranger in his living room. The stranger ran out the back door and then tried to rob a neighboring resident at knifepoint.

No one is in custody for any of the crimes.

A Reader's Note

Posted in our comments section this afternoon:
My husband and I live in a first floor unit near Wilton and Cornelia and just noticed that the screen in one of our bedroom windows has been cut out - We are not sure when it happened. Sometime during the weekend, though. 
We think that whoever did it may have been deterred from proceeding by the barking of our two large dogs who stay in our bedroom when we are out. 
My husband went to the district station and the officer manning the front desk said this is a common tactic of burglars. They'll either tear the screen out or cut it out, checking each window to see if it's locked - Suffice to say we've been cased. 
We were told to keep everything locked with the blinds lowered and that we should be mindful of our surroundings. Just a heads up for others in the area that it seems we all need to be very careful.
Image credit: David Cedillo
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HAD ENOUGH? At Least Three More Robbed As Mugging Spree Continues

At least three more people have been robbed in the immediate neighborhood this weekend as a renewed wave of muggings shows little sign of slowing down:

• A man and a woman were robbed at gunpoint in the 3100 block of Kenmore around 12:40 this morning. The couple told police that two men approached them, produced a handgun, and took a wallet, a black clutch purse, and an iPhone 6 before running westbound in the south alley of Belmont.

The gunman is described as black, about 5’7” tall, skinny, and wearing a black hoodie. His accomplice is also black, stands about 6-feet tall, is also skinny and also wore a black hoodie.

• A man reported being robbed of his Galaxy Note 3 while standing at a bus stop near the Sports Authority store at Clark and Barry around 1:00AM Saturday. The offender—described as a short Hispanic man with short hair—was last seen running westbound on Fletcher.

• An offender, described only as a black male, pushed a woman to the ground and took her purse in the 400 block of Wellington at 2:30AM Saturday. He was last seen running southbound in a nearby alley.

• A victim filed a police report over the phone after having his iPhone 6 stolen from him outside of the Belmont Cafe, 930 W. Belmont, at 4:30AM Friday. The offender was described as a black man in his early 20’s. He wore a black baseball hat, a blue sweatshirt, and jeans. The incident has been categorized as a “theft from person” by the Chicago Police Department.
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BOYSTOWN: Intruder Flees One Home, Tries To Rob Neighbor

A Boystown resident who made a quick trip to his own basement Friday afternoon returned to find something unexpected: A complete stranger in his living room.

Once confronted, the unknown man reportedly fled out the back door of the home in the 800 block of Bradley Place and ran toward Halsted Street.

He stopped running just long enough to pull out a knife and try to rob another man whom he encountered in the alley. The robbery failed.

The offender is described as a black man in his mid-30’s. He stands about 6-feet-tall, weighs about 180 pounds, and wore a baseball cap, glasses, and a dark blue jacket that appeared similar to those worn by the U.S. Postal Service.

No one was injured and no one is in custody.
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

BANGER BANGED: Gang Member Shot At Addison & Western Overnight

A 29-year-old gang member is in stable condition after being shot at 3601 N. Western Avenue this morning, across the street from Lane Tech High School. No one is in custody.

Several police units were already in the area to disperse a large party nearby. Officers believe the shooting and the party are related.

Officers heard shots fired a 2:41AM and soon found the victim, who was wounded in his left calf, at a nearby Subway restaurant.

Shell casings were later found lying in the westbound lanes of Addison at Claremont.

Several people who were lingering in a nearby strip mall have been questioned by police. Most are in their late teens and live in the Albany Park or Logan Square neighborhoods.

The victim, who lives in Albany Park, has previously served eight years for possessing 100 to 400 grams of cocaine and more recently was accused of being a felon in possession of a weapon. Police say the he was "uncooperative" and even tried to leave the hospital despite having a bullet in his leg.
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BAD RAPP: Bartender Follows Alleged Phone Thief Until Cops Arrive

A convicted arsonist and burglar is now accused of stealing a woman's phone from a Boystown bar, court records show.

Robert Rapp, 54, is charged with one count of theft of lost or mislaid property in connection with the August 15 incident at Town Hall Pub.

According to a witness, a bartender followed Rapp out of the bar and east on Roscoe Street until police were able to catch up with them and make an arrest.

Cops say they found the victim's iPhone in Rapp's possession--a circumstance that Rapp was allegedly unable to explain to the officers' satisfaction.

Last month, Rapp was accused of punching an employee of the Chipotle at Diversey and Broadway. Those charges were dropped when the victim failed to show up in court.

Rapp, who lists a home address in the 500 block of Wellington, was paroled last December after serving two years of an attempt burglary sentence.

His previous convictions include a 30-month sentence for theft in 2010, a one year sentence for shoplifting in 2009, and 11 years for aggravated arson and residential arson in 2001.

Image: Robert Rapp's intake photo from the Illinois Department of Corrections
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Friday, August 28, 2015

DOPE: Man Accused Of Offering Cocaine To Off-Duty Cop

Hey! Here's an idea. If you're gonna wander through a bar and ask strangers if they want to buy cocaine, try to avoid asking the off-duty cop.

That advice may be coming a bit late for Xavier Sancho, 33, who was arrested after allegedly offering to sell cocaine to an off-duty 19th district cop who was enjoying a night out at Berlin nightclub last Wednesday.

The cop says Sancho approached him in the club and asked, "are you looking to buy cocaine? I am selling bags of coke if you want to buy."

The cop says he then saw Sancho engage several other patrons in conversation and watched as two of the customers participated in hand-to-hand transactions involving "bags of an unknown substance" near the men's rest room.

On-duty officers were called to arrest Sancho. Asked by cops if he had anything illegal or sharp on him, Sancho allegedly responded, "I have cannabis in my front driver side door panel in this Jeep."

Sancho's Jeep was impounded and he has been charged with soliciting unlawful business and possession of about $30 worth of cannabis.

Sancho, a registered child sex offender, lives in the Dunning neighborhood.

Image: Xavier Sancho via the Illinois State Police 
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OUT WITH A BANG: It's Parole Day For North Side Menace

Keith Hayer, a Rogers Park rapper and gang banger who goes by the name Bang Da Hitta, is getting out of prison today.

Like most Chicago rappers that you've never heard of, his real claim to fame is churning up online drama (NSFW) that seems to get people killed.

What do you expect from a guy who's Facebook education status is "Studied Killin Howard Niggaz at Truman College?"

One year ago, Hayer's car was fire bombed on the far North Side.

Then, there was the SWAT team stand-off at Christmas time.

And so on.

Hayer has been cooling his heels downstate in the Vienna Correctional Center since February 28.

While he was away, the rap video/murder scene heated up, then chilled out after 19-year-old video aficionado Shaquon "Young Pappy" Thomas got gunned down in Uptown on May 29.

We have a feeling things will be heating up again soon.

Image: Keith Hayer via Cook County Sheriff's Department
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PLAID BANDIT: Another Bank Robber Targets Local Branches

Yet another person has decided to add "robbing local banks" to their LinkedIn profile.

The Chase branch at 3335 N. Ashland was robbed at 4:02PM yesterday by a man who passed a note under a thick pane of bulletproof glass. The teller filled an envelope with cash and slid it back to him...under the thick pane of bulletproof glass.

No weapon was seen or implied, police say.

The offender was last seen running eastbound on Henderson. He's described as a white man in his early 30's, about 6-feet-tall, 180 to 210 pounds, with sandy-colored hair.

According to the FBI, the same man robbed a PNC bank at 4201 N. Lincoln last Friday.

A reward is being offered by the FBI Chicago office. (312) 421-6700

Earlier this week, the FBI announced the arrest of a man who robbed an Uptown bank on August 19.

They continue to offer a reward for information that leads them to the "Uptown Beach Bandit," a woman who has robbed three North Side banks this month.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

FAKE OUT: Boystown Bartender Leads Cops To Long-Sought Counterfeiter

Chicago police believe they have apprehended a man who has been passing fake $100 bills at area businesses for several months—usually while wearing an orange or yellow construction vest.

A bartender at Roscoe's Tavern in Boystown called police at 1 o'clock Monday afternoon to report that a customer had just tried to pass a questionable bill.

According to a Roscoe's employee who spoke with us, the suspect tried to pay with a $20 after staffers questioned his $100, "but we had already called police and they responded quickly."

Officers found the man standing out front, smoking a cigarette. Passers-by reported that he was a black man in a construction vest—-which is exactly how victims at several other Lake View and Lincoln Park businesses described the man who tried to pass fake hundos in their establishments.
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