Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pair Charged With Home Invasion, Armed Robbery Near Wrigley Field

A 25-year-old man who spent time in prison for strangling a robbery victim in Boystown five years ago is accused of committing a home invasion and armed robbery in Wrigleyville early Wednesday morning.

Robert Zajler of Des Plaines and 24-year-old William Haley pushed the victim into his home in the 3800 block of North Clark Street around 2:45 a.m., prosecutors said. Armed with a handgun, the two took the 46-year-old victim’s phone and fled in a silver Toyota SUV, according to police.

Zajler and Haley were arrested 45 minutes later as they stepped out of Zajler’s silver Toyota SUV at Belmont and Clark. Officers on patrol noticed that the two men matched the robbery offenders’ descriptions and detained the duo for investigation.

Both men are charged with felony armed robbery with a firearm and felony home invasion with a firearm, police said.

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Zajler was sentenced to four years in prison for strangling a victim during a robbery in the 700 block of West Brompton on August 17, 2012. He was paroled in June 2014.

Court records show that he’s currently facing two felony theft charges related to a burglary in suburban Berwyn.

Haley, of Garfield Park, and Zajler were due in bond court this afternoon.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lifelong Felon Steals Beer, Threatens Clerk With Metal Baton, But State Refuses To Charge Him With Robbery

Wayne Jones is accused of threatening a clerk with a metal baton to steal a Coors Light.
A career criminal, sentenced to a combined 67 years in prison since 1983 and currently on parole, allegedly walked into a Boystown convenience store Monday, entered the walk-in cooler, took a Coors Light, and headed for the door.

When a clerk asked him to pay, 55-year-old Wayne Jones pulled out a collapsible baton and threatened him, police said.

Despite the fact that Jones took the beer while threatening the clerk with bodily harm—the very definition of “robbery,”—a Cook County State’s Attorney refused to charge the fourteen-time convicted felon with the crime, police said.

Instead, Jones is being charged with retail theft, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two counts of being a felon in possession of a weapon. A judge set his bail at $100,000.

Jones is currently on parole after serving half of a ten-year sentence for robbing and battering a victim on the street at State and Madison in 2012.

Jones, who lives in the South Side’s Roseland neighborhood, snagged the beer at 4:40 a.m. from the cooler at 7-Eleven, 3726 North Broadway, according to court records. Cops found him enjoying his "taste of the Rockies" nearby and took him into custody.

According to state data, Jones’ previous prison sentences include:
• Four years for aggravated battery of a merchant in 2008
• Three years for retail theft in 2007.
• A concurrent three-year sentence for retail theft in 2007.
• Two years for retail theft in 2006
• Three years for retail theft in 2004
• Eighteen months for retail theft in 2002
• Thirteen years for carjacking in 1995
• Two years for narcotics in 1994
• Five years for aggravated battery in 1987
• A concurrent ten-year term for robbery in 1987
• Five years for burglary in 1983
• A concurrent five-year term for theft in 1983
• Another concurrent five-year term for burglary in 1983
• Yet another concurrent five-year term for burglary in 1983
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Wrigleyville: Man Pushed Into His Apartment, Robbed By Gunmen; Two Arrested

This morning's victim was robbed as he entered his home in the 3800 block of North Clark. | Google
A Wrigleyville man was robbed at gunpoint as he entered his home in the 3800 block of North Clark Street early Wednesday morning. Sharp police work resulted in the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of a firearm nearly 45 minutes later, police said.

The 46-year-old victim was entering his home around 2:45 a.m. when two men approached him from behind, pushed him into his residence, and demanded his property, according to police.

The offenders fled in a silver SUV with the man’s phone.

Around 3:30 a.m., officers detained two men matching the suspects’ descriptions as they emerged from a silver SUV near Belmont and Clark. The robbery victim was able to identify the offenders, and officers subsequently recovered the victim’s phone and a firearm at the scene, police said.

Charges are pending against the two suspects, who are expected in bond court on Thursday.


In other robbery news:

• A North Center woman fell victim to purse snatchers in the 1900 block of West Byron on Sunday afternoon. The victim was walking around 4:30 p.m. when a male offender ran up, snatched her purse, and then jumped into a four-door vehicle that is missing handles from its rear doors. No other offender description was available.

• A woman nearly fell victim to a robbery in the 900 block of West Agagite in Uptown on Monday evening. The victim was sitting in her car around 8:45 p.m. when two offenders tried to rob her while using what appeared to be a fake gun.

She resisted, and the robbers fled westbound on foot.

The three robbers were black men: One stands about 5’10” tall, weighs 175 pounds, had braids and wore a black hoodie. The second was about the same height and weight, and he wore all black clothing. No further information was offered regarding the third suspect, who acted as a lookout.

About an hour later, another person reported that three suspects were running around the area of Montrose and Kenmore trying to rob people with what appeared to be a fake gun. No further victims came forward to file reports, however.
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Boys—Ages 13 & 14—Threatened To Shoot Woman During Lincoln Park Robbery, Prosecutors Say

Two boys—one 13 and the other 14—are charged with threatening to shoot a woman during a robbery in Lincoln Park on Monday evening.

The 23-year-old victim was walking near her home in the 500 block of West Deming Place around 9 p.m. when the two offenders approached her, announced a robbery, and threatened to shoot her, police said.

Both robbers fled after the woman handed over her shoulder bag, which contained a laptop.

Minutes later, officers saw two suspects who matched the offenders’ descriptions in the 600 block of West Wrightwood. The two were stopped and were then positively identified by the victim, according to police.

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The first suspect, a 13-year-old boy, is charged with felony robbery-indicating firearm and possession of a replica firearm-pellet gun.

His accomplice, a 14-year-old boy, is charged with felony robbery-indicating firearm.

No further information about the suspects will be released by authorities because the two are juveniles.

Flip Flop

In a scenario that reverses the ages in Monday’s hold-up, three teenagers reported that they were robbed by two adults in the 2400 block of North Lincoln on Sunday evening.

The teens said they were robbed near this small park at Lincoln and Halsted. | Google
A 14-year-old and two others were walking when an adult male placed an object to their backs and demanded valuables around 7 p.m., police said.

The offenders were two men: One is white, 25, slim, 6-feet tall and wore a red shirt with shorts. The other is black, 25, 6’2” tall, and he had a skateboard with a “Supreme” sticker on it. Both were last seen heading northbound on Lincoln Avenue.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Convicted Murderer Charged With Threatening Customer At Wieners Circle

Patrons of the Wieners Circle hot dog stand are accustomed to receiving insults with their meals. But not like this.

A 49-year-old convicted murderer is being held without bail, accused of threatening another man at the landmark stand, 2622 North Clark, last night.

Police were called around 9:45 p.m. after Tron Williams allegedly threw a punch at the victim but missed. “I’m going to kick your ass,” Williams reportedly said, “but I don’t want no gunplay.”

He has been released after posting a $1,000 deposit bond, according to court records.

A former member of the Gangster Disciples, Williams lives in Rogers Park and now denies any affiliation with the gang, police said. He reportedly works at a restaurant near the Wieners Circle.

In 1998, Williams and three other men were accused of killing a 14-year-old girl while she was babysitting on the Southwest Side. Prosecutors said Williams and his accomplices broke into the home and killed the girl because they wanted marijuana that was inside the house.

He received a 30-year sentence for murder and 15 years for home invasion, according to court records.
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Six Years After Mugging A Victim In Boystown, He's Back In The 'Hood And Up To His Old Tricks, Prosecutors Say

He went to prison for robbing a victim near Cornelia and Halsted in Boystown in 2012. Now he’s outta jail, off of parole, and back in our great neighborhood.

And, according to new allegations, he’s up to his old tricks.

Let's give a warm "Welcome Back" to Keith Sandifer.

Sandifer’s parole for that 2012 mugging in the 700 block of West Cornelia ended in February. Early Sunday morning, he found himself about a block away from the robbery scene—at Replay, a popular video arcade bar at 3439 North Halsted.

According to witnesses, Sandifer took a woman’s purse from inside the bar and walked out around 12:51 a.m. on Sunday. Security managed to grab Sandifer and held him for police.

The Hyde Park resident is charged with theft.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Keith and give him a big "how-do-ya-do" when you see him around. He'll surely appreciate the attention.
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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Lincoln Square: Man Sought In Attempted Sexual Assault

Cops are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who stepped behind the counter of a Lincoln Square fragrance store and tried to attack a female worker.

Just before 3 o’clock on Thursday, the man entered the shop in the 4800 block of North Western and asked the 26-year-old employee a series of potential gifts for his girlfriend.

As the woman returned to the service counter, the man said something to the effect of “I have to do this” and then barged behind the counter and charged at the victim, police said. The woman was able to escape and the offender fled the scene.

Police said the suspect is a Hispanic man 35-45 years old, about 6’1” tall, and 250-280 pounds. He was wearing a maroon-colored Blackhawks hat, a dark t-shirt, dark jeans and black Timberland-style shoes. Video surveillance images show several tattoos on on the man’s lower right arm.

Anyone with information about the suspect is asked to call Area North Bureau of Detectives at (312) 744-8200.
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Thieves Stealing Motorcycles On North Side

If it’s not nailed down, someone will take it.

So nail down your motorcycles, Chicago.

Police on Sunday warned that thieves are stealing entire motorcycles from parking spaces on North Side streets. The thefts have happened at all times of day.

At least seven cases have been connected to the pattern since mid-August:
• 2100 block of West Melrose at 8 p.m. on August 17
• 4700 block of North Ravenswood on August 27 or 28
• 4600 block of North Clarendon on August 30 or 31
• 3600 block of North Pine Grove between 11 a.m. and 3:50 p.m. on September 5
• 2700 block of North Magnolia on September 6 or 7
• 2200 block of West Fletcher between midnight and 8 a.m. on September 13
• 2400 block of North Cannon Drive at 8:40 p.m. on September 6
Information about the thefts may be shared with Area North investigators at (312) 744-8263
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fake $100s Flying Around Lakeview — We Have Pix, Video, And An Important Serial Number To Avoid

This good-quality counterfeit $100 bill was passed in Lakeview last weekend. | @ChicagoBars
Businesses across Lakeview have been buried in a blizzard of fake $100 bills over the past two weeks. Now, CWBChicago has identified a serial number connected to at least two cases and—thanks to local merchants—we've collected images of the fake bills and three suspects.

In recent weeks, two different businesses have been handed fake $100 bills with the serial number HB69416277J. So you'll definitely want to avoid those. Most recently, a bill with that serial number was passed at La Gondola restaurant, 2914 North Ashland, on Saturday afternoon.

This fake $100 bill was passed at La Gondola restaurant on Saturday afternoon. | La Gondola
For La Gondola owner Andrew McGuire, Saturday’s attempt was the fourth time that someone tried to pass a fake $100 at the restaurant this summer.

This man, 25-30 years old in a Metallica tee, passed a fake $100 at La Gondola. | Andrew McGuire
“They always come in fast on their phones talking like they're in a hurry, order something small and pretend like they have a wad and hand you an old $100,” he said.

Also hit on Saturday afternoon was Taboo Tabou at 843 West Belmont. A man and a woman walked in and "worked it together," owner Alexis Thomas said.

This couple was connected to the passing of a fake $100 at Taboo Tabou on Saturday. | Alexis Thomas
Thomas sent along this video of the pair:

Alexis' father, long-time Lakeview retailer Mark Thomas, is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who turns the couple in, she said.

“Also, point out they are assholes because they totally sucked as humans beyond the fake money,” she said. Can do, Alexis. Can do.

Even Trickier Than They Appear

Special markers designed to detect fake U.S. currency are no longer reliable, McGuire said. Ink from the markers turns yellow when it touches money and black when it touches non-currency paper. But the criminals have found a way around that.

“They're bleaching [genuine] $5 bills and printing $100s on them,” McGuire said. So, while the paper tests true, the denomination that’s been printed on it has changed.

Modern U.S. currency has a variety of images embedded into the notes themselves. Given the advanced efforts of today's cheats, the best way to test a suspect bill may be to look for those embedded watermarks.

Modern U.S. currency has embedded watermarks such as Benjamin Franklin's face (right). Such features are difficult to duplicate in fake bills (left). | @ChicagoBars

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Uptown: Teen Shot Near Uplift High School Tonight

Tonight's shooting took place about a block from this landmark sign in Uptown. | Google
A 17-year-old boy is in good condition after being shot near Uplift High School in Uptown tonight. No one is in custody. A source said the shooting is gang-related.

Witnesses heard a half-dozen shots fired around 5:35 p.m. and some onlookers saw a suspected shooter run from the scene. He is described as black and wearing a white du-rag with a red shirt and black pants. Two witnesses said he ran northbound from the scene.

Shell casings were recovered at location 1; a fired bullet was found at location 2, police said
The victim, who suffered a single gunshot wound to his upper right thigh, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center where his condition was stabilized.

Police said six shell casings were found in an alley behind the 900 block of West Eastwood and the remnants of a ricocheted bullet were found nearby.

Tonight’s shooting is the 18th of the year for Uptown, which had suffered 27 shootings at the same time last year.

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