Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BLOTTER: A Look At Some Recent Arrestees

Woods. Banned from "youth" shelter.
"I'm banned from the Center on Halsted and now The Crib [youth shelter in Boystown] and now here! This is bogus."

That's what a very mature-looking 25-year-old Marquise L. Woods told police who approached him after Inter-American Magnet School administrators reported seeing him playing video games on the school steps with one hand down his pants.

Woods, who listed The Crib as his home address during arrest processing, was charged with trespassing at the school, 851 W. Waveland.

Extra Atonement, Please

Roberto Leventopoulos, 26, really, really wanted to go to Yom Kippur services. But he didn't have a ticket.

After being warned numerous times to leave the Anshe Emet Synagogue unless he had a ticket, Leventopoulos allegedly returned the next day and "created a disturbance while attempting to gain entry" to services again.

Leventopoulos, of the Irving Park neighborhood, is charged with trespassing.

Clothes Make The Man

Uptown resident Charles E. Bobbitt, 49, is charged with burglary and theft after police say they connected him with two incidents in our neighborhood.

In one case, Bobbitt allegedly tried to sell a stolen bike to a pawn shop in the 3100 block of N Ashland and then fled when employees questioned him about the bike's stolen status. Records show the bike had been taken from the 1000 block of W. School.

In the burglary incident, Bobbitt is accused of cutting a lock off of a bike in the 400 block of Belmont and pedaling away. The entire episode was caught on camera, according to detectives.

When detectives played the surveillance footage for Bobbitt, they noted that Bobbitt was wearing the exact same outfit as the man who stole the bike: A royal blue Mobile gas station shirt; a blue LL Bean jacket that says "Carval Investors" on the right chest; and black and lime green tennis shoes with lime green laces. Bobbitt then identified himself as the person who was caught on video, cops say.

More "SADness"

Two days after officers arrested three teenagers who were allegedly trying to collect funds for a fake charity called "SO SAD" from Lincoln Park businesses, a 23-year-old woman was arrested for doing essentially the same thing along the Southport corridor.

Timeko Street was charged with one count of soliciting for charity without a permit during the Lakeview Taco Fest. Her flyers called the charity "SOS." At the time of her arrest, Street was in possession of $107 cash, police said.

Speaking of Charities

Deveon Curry, 18, has been charged with burglarizing the Salvation Army Officer Training School in Boystown over the summer.

Police records show that Curry, of the South Side Grand Crossing neighborhood, has been arrested nine times since his 18th birthday. Bail is set at $90,000.
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A REAL SLUGFEST: As Cubs Win Again, At Least 10 Are Arrested In Wrigleyville

Image: The Heckler
While the crowds looked relatively tame around Wrigley Field after last night's Cubs victory, CWB Chicago has learned that, at least as far as arrest numbers go, those looks were deceiving.

We estimate that between 10 and 14 persons were arrested by officers assigned to the Wrigley Field detail before, during, and after yesterday's game with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Most of the arrests were for simple battery.

By comparison, nine people were arrested in the celebration that followed last week's Cubs wild card victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If the Cubs eliminate the Cardinals tonight, we could see Stanley Cup-level arrest tallies.

Here are some "highlights" from yesterday's activities based on police radio traffic and independently-gathered information:

2:36PM — The game doesn't start for 3 hours, but that's no reason to delay our first arrest! Police traffic units take one down at Clark and Addison.

2:59PM — There's a guy—he's black, wearing a hat and a black jacket—charging people to park their cars under the L tracks near the Addison stop and he's not authorized to do that. He's gone when police look for him.

4:26PM — There's a guy—he's black, wearing a black jacket and a beige cap—who just charged somebody $100 to park their car in a space that he does own. Under the L tracks by the Addison station. Once again, he's gone when police look for him.

4:29PM — Officer describes the guy who's selling illegal parking spaces for $100 apiece as "a real ratty homeless looking guy." Maybe. But he's making a nice living tonight.

4:59PM — Police Helicopter: Major League Baseball has a helicopter up here to film the stadium.
Commanding officer: "We haven't been notified of any waivers [to airspace restrictions] except the blimp. Have them vacate..and get his tail number and report it to the FAA!"

5:13PM — Commanding officer: The FBI says they have a waiver after all. Never mind.

6:24PM — Man in the 3700 block of Fremont says two men in Cubs shirts are "jumping from roof to roof" at that location.

12:17AM — Three witnesses say a guy just rolled up to a woman in the 3400 block of Sheffield, got out of his car, punched her in the face, and then drove away.

12:23AM — Unit gets flagged down at Clark and Newport.  "[This guy] says his hand's broke and he's bleeding from his neck." Ambulance summoned.
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

MR. WRITE: With 333 Co-Signers, Boystown Man Seeks Answers From His Alderman

Ald. Tunney
It has been a month since Boystown resident Ted Rosinus wrote a letter to his alderman, Tom Tunney, with a few courteously-presented questions about the alderman's response to crime and the seeming lack of results.

Five days later, Tunney's chief of staff, Bennett Lawson, told Rosinus in an email that a response was being prepared. Nothing has yet been received, Rosinus says, even after sending a second follow-up letter and email.

Now, with 333 co-signers recruited via an online petition, Rosinus has hand-delivered letter #3 to Tunney's office. A copy was emailed to Lawson on Friday.

Still ever-respectful, Rosinus—and his 333 co-signers—ask more important questions. They deserve answers, alderman.

Click on the images for full-size view.

The names of all 333 petition signers stretch across eight pages following Ted's signature.
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HER OWN RECOGNIZANCE: Accused In Lincoln Park Shooting, Woman's Freed In 8 Hours

A woman accused of firing a handgun on a busy Lincoln Park street this weekend was in custody for less than eight hours, records show.

For nearly 10 minutes early Saturday, responding officers searched the area around Halsted and Wrightwood to find bystanders who may have seen reported shots fired. One after another told the police that they hadn't seen or heard anything out of the ordinary.

But, 25 minutes after the shots rang out, officers were able to arrest Jennifer C. Stegall of Broadview,  at 2610 N. Halsted—the address of the Wild Hare reggae club, police records show.

Reckless conduct charges were filed and Stegall, 32, was released on a recognizance bond within 8 hours.

No weapon was recovered. Or, as the bystanders would have said to police, "what weapon?"

A Lack Of Helpfulness

Several groups of witnesses who claimed to have been standing steps from the shooting scene for "five or ten minutes" told arriving officers that they hadn't seen or heard any shooting.

Even 7 minutes after neighbors had called 911, officers continued to look for someone who'd speak with them.

"I'm standing here with three citizens who did not hear anyone shooting," an officer said. "They been outside for about 10 minutes."

"Well," the 911 dispatcher replied, "“somebody heard something. This [dispatch] board is blew up.”

Finally, around 2:10AM, officers received clothing descriptions and paths of flight taken by individuals who had been at the shooting scene.

Stegall was taken into custody at 2:25AM.

No weapon was recovered.

Image: Stegall's mugshot from the Chicago Police Department
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THEY'LL MEET AGAIN: Veteran County Prosecutor Among Latest Mugging Victims Here

A career Cook County prosecutor this weekend become one of our neighborhood’s newest robbery victims.

The Assistant State's Attorney called police from a 7-Eleven store near Clark and Southport at 3:40AM Saturday to report being beaten up and robbed of his belongings nearby. He was not immediately able to identify the exact scene of the crime, police said.

According to the victim, two black men attacked him somewhere east of Clark Street and took his Samsung phone, a Blackhawks debit card, and identification.

He described the offenders as being 16- to 20-years-old, standing 5-feet, 6-inches and 6-feet tall, and weighing 140 to 150 pounds.


Yet another person reported being robbed in Wrigleyville around 2:45 Sunday morning.

The victim walked into the nearby 19th district police station and told officers that he had been assaulted and robbed near the Wrigleyville Taco Bell by two black men in their mid-20’s.

Both offenders fled westbound on Addison in a silver Durango, the victim said.

He described one of the offenders as standing 5-feet, 10-inches tall and having dreadlocks. The other assailant reportedly wore a black jacket, a red tee shirt, and wore glasses.
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Saturday, October 10, 2015

VIDEO: Shots Fired Today Near Lincoln Park Club—But Cops Say Nobody Saw Anything!

UPDATE: Police made an arrest 25 minutes after the shooting.

The suspect was back on the streets in less than 8 hours.

Our follow-up report is HERE.

Video has emerged showing at least five gunshots fired on a busy stretch of Halsted Street in Lincoln Park overnight during a brawl that witnesses said started near a nearby reggae club.

Quick link to video HERE.

Incredibly, the gunfire played out at the exact moment that the 19th police district was conducting a politically-ordered outdoor roll call of the overnight shift's officers just three blocks away.

But, when police arrived, officers said they initially could not find a single witness who heard or saw any sort of gunplay.

Calls poured into 911 beginning at 2:04AM to report shots fired in the area of Halsted and Wrightwood. Two of the callers said the gun play began near the Wild Hare nightclub at 2610 N. Halsted.

Video posted moments ago on YouTube shows shots being fired outside of 2622 N Halsted Street.

Last night's 911 callers reported a short black female dressed in all black as well as a short black female in a black and white dress as being participants. Another caller said a black male in a graphic t-shirt with a white background and black sleeves fired 5 shots.

Yet, incredibly, police said they talked to several people who claimed to have been in the area for "five or ten minutes" and no one had heard or seen anything unusual.

According to 911 callers, the people who were involved in the shooting fled southbound in a gray Infiniti.

Where Were The Cops?

The overnight "roll call" is seen in Ald. Tom Tunney's Oct. 2 newsletter.
Shots are fired over the course of two minutes in the video, so the question naturally arises: Where were the cops?

The answer is remarkable: All available on-duty officers in the 19th district were supposed to be at a politically-motivated "outdoor roll call" just three blocks away at Sheffield and Diversey.

The 2AM roll call is one in a series of such theatrics that have played out over recent weeks as local aldermen felt pressure from constituents due to rising robbery and other violent crime rates.

Boystown Alderman Tom Tunney and Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith, whose office is located one block from the shooting scene, have frequently relied on resource-sapping "outdoor roll calls" to give passers-by the impression that there are a lot of police around.

Many CWB readers have expressed doubt about the wisdom of having all available police officers lined up at a pre-announced specific time and specific place.

And any notion that the "outdoor roll call" PR gimmick is an effective crime deterrent should be neutralized by this video.

Image: YouTube
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Friday, October 09, 2015

A NOTE: With Daughter's Attacker In Jail, A Dad Says "Thank You, Chicago"

This week, we published a Lakeview woman's account of being mugged near Halsted and Oakdale as she walked to work on Tuesday.

With her alleged attacker now behind bars, her Dad says "Thanks."
I'm the Dad of the young woman that was attacked Tuesday morning on Oakdale. My wife and I live in Michigan.
When we got a call from her that morning, it was the most terrifying call anyone can get. 
We just thank God she wasn't seriously hurt.  We would like to say thanks to all who have showed support.
We would like to thank our other daughter (her sister) for taking care of her.
We would especially like to thank the couple who came to her aid, our heartfelt thanks to you both.
We would also like to thank the CPD for their quick response.  I heard response times aren't that great, But luck was on her side.
Another stroke of luck came when our daughter called us this morning and said the police caught him.
Now the justice system can put him away.
Again, Thanks Chicago
WGN spoke with the man's daughter yesterday. Their report is online.

Image: G.W.Kuhn3
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BREAKING: Man Charged With 3 Robberies Following Boystown Car Crash And Foot Chase

A 23-year-old South Side man has been charged with three of the recent robberies reported in Lakeview and Roscoe Village.

Darryl D. Walton of the 7000 block of S. Eberhart faces three counts of robbery, one count of receiving or possessing a stolen vehicle, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident.

He was arrested early yesterday morning behind 526 W Roscoe in Boystown after an hour-long hunt by 19th district officers.

Walton is charged with:

Police say  they saw Walton behind the wheel of a stolen Toyota Highlander that was suspected of being used in area robberies around 2:45AM Thursday near Belmont and Sheridan.

He allegedly crashed into a vehicle, and then attempted to flee onto Lake Shore Drive. Officers trapped the Highlander and the driver fled into the park near Belmont Harbor.

Cops set up a perimeter around the 400 and 500 blocks of W Roscoe and then began a meticulous grid search of the area. Walton was arrested an hour later.

Bail for Walton is set at $250,000.

Detectives continue to investigate other cases to see if there are links to Walton.

NOTE: Chicago police originally reported Walton's age as 18. CWB has subsequently learned that Walton is actually 23.

Images: Walton's mugshot from the Chicago Police Department; Police stop the Toyota Highlander on Lake Shore Drive early Thursday morning.
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Thursday, October 08, 2015

BIG ARRESTS: Crash, Manhunt Reels In Robbery Suspect; Separate Bust Made In Mugging Of Teen

An  SUV used in multiple robberies this week is trapped by a CPD unit at Belmont and  Lake Shore Drive today.
UPDATE OCTOBER 9, 10:42AM: Robbery charges have been filed. Full report HERE.
An hour-long manhunt in Boystown overnight ended just hours ago with the arrest of a suspect in at least two of this week's many robberies in Lakeview and Roscoe Village.

CWB Chicago has learned through a confidential source that a separate arrest has been made in the mugging of a 14-year-old boy on Tuesday afternoon.

Busted: Policewoman, Oakdale Muggings

A Chicago police mission team this morning was monitoring a stolen Toyota Highlander that is suspected of being used in multiple robberies since Monday.

At 2:45AM, the Highlander struck a car near Belmont and Sheridan and officers boxed the car in near 3190 N. Lake Shore Drive. The driver bailed out and ran into the park near Belmont Harbor.

Multiple sources have told CWB Chicago that police believe the vehicle is connected to the mugging of a retired Chicago policewoman behind her home in the 1800 block of Cornelia on Monday.

And the license plate of the SUV matches that given by a witness to the mugging of  a woman near Halsted and Oakdale on Tuesday morning.

Officers chased the suspect into the park on foot, but lost him after he ran through the Roscoe Street pedestrian tunnel under Lake Shore Drive. He was eventually arrested when officers found him hiding in a yard in the 500 block of Roscoe after a meticulous hour-long search.

Arrest In Mugging of Teen

An arrest has been made in the Tuesday afternoon mugging of a 14-year-old boy in Roscoe Village, according to a source close to the investigation.

The source told CWB Chicago that the father of the boy arranged to meet up with the offender under the premise of getting the phone back.

The father drove to the other side of town, then canceled the first "buy back" attempt because police were late for the rendezvous. He tried again early Wednesday morning and cops went along to make the arrest, the source said.

Chicago police have not confirmed the information publicly. Chicago police have now confirmed the arrest. A 17-year-old juvenile from Macon, Georgia, is in custody.
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ARREST THE W: Cubs Wild Card Celebration Sees 7 Jailed (And One Blimp Complaint Filed)

UPDATE 9:34PM: We were a little light with our estimate of 7 arrests. Chicago police late Thursday pegged the arrest tally at 9.
The Cubs beat the Pittsburgh Pirates last night to enter the playoffs. And the Wrigleyville victory celebration was almost quaint compared to some of our neighborhood's more typical disasters.

Only seven people found themselves jailed during last night's festivities—on pace with the number of arrests at last year's Twelve Bars of Christmas bar crawl.

Of course, last night was just the beginning of what could be a long journey for the Cubs. Keep those flex cuffs handy, officers.

Here's last night's abbreviated play-by-play based on local police radio transmissions:

7:08PM — First pitch!

7:29PM — 19th district tactical lieutenant reports men fighting in the alley behind Heating & Cooling. Clark and Eddy.

9:37PM — First arrest of the night. Clark and Eddy. Maybe they'll have the game on in jail.

9:55PM — Cubs win!

10:19PM — Security is fighting with a customer at Sports World. He wants the customer arrested. Clark and Addison.

10:19PM — 10 people jumping on cars outside John Barleycorn.

10:24PM — "The radio station employees are encouraging people to jump off the cars" at Barleycorn.

Leave Margaret alone, you beast!
10:27PM — Another arrest. Clark and Addison.

10:48PM — Margaret says a blimp is coming too close to her building and “she wants police to call the blimp people and make the blimp move.” Cornelia and Southport.

10:51PM — Battery victim down and bleeding in the alley behind Redmond's. Clark and Roscoe. Ambulance rolling.

10:52PM — "Has anybody seen the street sweepers yet?" No. "Call Streets & San and get their location."

10:53PM — "Streets & San says they won't be coming for about an hour because there are too many people on the street." What's their location? "They aren't here." Where are they? "They haven't come yet." Have 'em come right away or we're just going to open the streets.

10:55PM — A white man in a Cubs hat and blue t-shirt is jumping on Hassan's car at Clark and Newport.

10:57PM — "The helicopters have been hovering over her house for an hour!" Racine & Wellington.

11:01PM — Battery in progress. Man beating up another man inside the gas station. 801 Addison.

11:02PM — "I got flagged down at the gas station." The offender is gone, but "the guy's laying on the floor bleeding. You might want to send EMS." Offender fled southbound on Halsted.

11:10PM — Foot pursuit! In custody. 37XX Sheffield in the alley. Two arrests for hitting a man over the head with a bottle. EMS transports the victim to Illinois Masonic.

You're late.
11:16PM — We got a fight in front of Sluggers.

11:21PM — Street sweeper ETA: 30 minutes. "They shoulda been here earlier."

11:30PM — All streets are opened to traffic.

11:40PM — Shoplifter at Sports World! One arrest.

11:59PM — Oh, hey! The street sweepers are here!

12:10AM — One arrest for battery. 3451 Sheffield.

12:33AM — CTA reports a "group of males destroying public property with bats" at Clark and School. One man stopped for questioning. Record check finds him to be "a Satan Disciple and registered child sex offender, but otherwise, he's clear." No arrest.
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