Monday, July 06, 2015

PENALTY BOX: Meet Some More Arrestees From The Blackhawks Victory Mayhem

While the 52 arrests related to Sunday's Pride Parade is a whopper, let's not forget about its little brother: the recent Blackhawks Stanley Cup celebration in Wrigleyville that resulted in 25 arrests. We've just gathered the details on another batch of people who faced charges from that special night:

Martinez (Cook Co Sheriff's Dept)
• Vicente Martinez, 28, has pleaded guilty to mob action after being accused of engaging in a fist fight with “numerous” individuals and “inciting riotous behavior” at Addison and Racine about two hours after the Blackhawks won. Martinez received a two day jail sentence, which was off-set by two days of time served. He lives in the Montclare neighborhood.

Figueroa (
• Also stemming from the melee at Addison and Racine: Jonathan Guzman, 23, of Portage Park is charged with battery and mob action for allegedly kicking a Chicago police sergeant  while the officer was not looking. According to an arresting officer, Guzman was about to punch the sergeant when the second officer intervened with a baton. Police say Guzman was part of a large group that was throwing glass bottles, cans, and bricks at police officers in the area. Guzman is due back in court on September 14.

• Eduardo Carballo and Gilbert Figueroa pleaded guilty to reckless conduct after a verbal altercation between the men and a group of four other men escalated in the 900 block of Newport that night. Police say Carballo grabbed a broken fence beam and “began to swing it into a crowded [sic] of passing citizens, placing their safety in danger.” Carballo received a sentence of one day in jail. Figueroa received a two day sentence.

• Bryan Medina, 19, of North Center, is charged with mob action and criminal damage to property for allegedly climbing a pole and “bending the metal Addison sign” in front of Cubby Bear. Police allege that Medina fled when they tried to detain him as he dismounted the pole. He’s due back in court on July 15.

• Ellen Roeder, 21, of Evanston, was charged with reckless conduct and battery for allegedly pushing her way into the closed-off area of Clark Street and pushing an officer in the chest. In court filings, police say Roeder identified herself as the girlfriend of another Blackhawks party arrestee, Brandon Tillett. She’s due back in court on July 15.
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STABBED: Man Knifed Near Belmont & Clark, Suspect Arrested; 4th Stabbing Here In A Week

Police guarding this morning's crime scene until evidence technicians arrive.
A man was hospitalized this morning after being stabbed near Belmont and Clark. A suspect is in custody.

This morning's incident is the fourth stabbing in a week for our neighborhood.

Police found today's victim lying in a doorway of a sushi restaurant at 3242 N. Clark around 5AM. A small pool of blood remained on the concrete there several hours later.

Moments after police found the victim, CTA staff called 911 to report that a stabbing suspect had entered the Belmont Red Line station. Officers raced to the platform and arrested a suspect as he sat on a southbound train that was seconds away from departing the station.

The victim told police that he was stabbed near the Dunkin' Donuts and was subsequently chased by the offender to the CTA station before he broke away and fled to the Clark Street restaurant entrance.

According to police, the victim is in his late teens or early 20's. He is being treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Four Of A Kind

Today's victim is the fourth to be stabbed in separate incidents here since last Sunday. Three people were stabbed in the immediate area following last week's Pride Parade.

We reported on two of those, but the Chicago Police Department Office of News Affairs claimed to be "unable to confirm" one incident that took place on Boystown's Halsted strip when other outlets inquired.

CWB is more than happy to assist the department's spokespersons with the chore of "identifying" this week's stabbings:

• Stabbing, 1000 block of Belmont. Sunday, June 28, 11:00PM. Case #HY320060.
• Stabbing, 600 block of Aldine. Sunday, June 28, 11:29PM. Case #HY319996.
• Stabbing, 3200 block of Halsted. Monday, June 29, 3:30AM. Case #HY320164

And this morning's stabbing is case #HY329421, should there be any challenges "confirming" it.

In addition to those, a man was found lying on the ground in Boystown at 5AM last Sunday after getting stabbed in the 600 block of Montrose. Case #HY318982, for your convenience.
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LAKEVIEW: Neighbors Blame Fireworks For Sunday Blaze

Image: Alex Graves via Southport Corridor News & Events
Two coach houses and at least two garages were damaged by fire Sunday afternoon along an alley between the 1500 blocks of Wellington and Nelson in nearby Lakeview. 

Investigators have yet to announce an official cause of the fire, but several neighbors reported that fireworks were set off in the alley shortly before the blaze was reported.

No one was injured, however at least 3 people have been displaced. The fire left about 90 nearby residents without electrical power Sunday afternoon.

Suspicious Fires

A suspicious fire broke out around 3:10AM Saturday in the 3200 block of Sheffield. The rubbish fire did not spread to any structures, police said.

On June 22, surveillance video caught two men apparently setting a trash can ablaze in an alley one block south of Saturday’s fire. Two coach houses sustained significant damage.

Earlier in June, an overnight fire consumed the rear porch at the old Leona’s restaurant about five doors down from Saturday’s incident.

• Over in Lincoln Park, a dumpster fire in the 900 block of Montana at 8:15PM on June 27 was classified as arson. Another dumpster fire was reported in the same alley on May 18.
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2 VS. 2: Couple Mugged By Two Offenders In Boystown

A man and his friend became Boystown’s latest robbery victims early Friday morning.

The pair was walking near the three-way intersection of Halsted, Clark, and Barry when they were mugged by two offenders around 4:10AM.

Offender descriptions, per the victims:

1) male, black, 5’10” tall, goatee, multi-color shirt

2) male, black, red shirt

CPD case HY325603.
Image: Google
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Sunday, July 05, 2015

COOLER HEADS: "Suicide By Cop" Fails Near Montrose Beach

A man was safely taken into custody early Friday after he attempted "suicide by cop" near Montrose Beach.

19th district officers responded to the area of Wilson and Simonds Drive around 3AM after a juvenile reported that his uncle was armed with a knife and had slit his own wrists.

Officers immediately called for back-up after the uncle, bleeding from his arms, tried to force the officers to shoot him. He did not succeed.

After a few tense minutes, officers stunned the man with a Taser and secured him for a ride to Weiss Hospital where he was listed in good condition.
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LAKEVIEW: Convenience Store Clerk Pistol-Whipped, Robbed

Chicago police are looking for the man who pistol-whipped a clerk during a Lakeview convenience robbery early Friday morning.

The incident unfolded at the 7-Eleven, 2821 N. Ashland, around 12:30AM.

According to police who reviewed surveillance footage, a masked man entered the store and struck the victim in the head with the butt of a silver semi-automatic handgun. He then took about $40 cash and six packs of Newport cigarettes before fleeing southbound on Ashland.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 20's wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, gray sweatpants, white gym shoes, and black gloves. He stands about 5'7" tall and weighs about 160 pounds.

An ambulance transported the clerk to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment.

CPD case HY325490.
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RETURN TO SENDER: On Parole For 16 Days, Man's Accused Of Breaking Into Home While Woman Showered

A career criminal who has been sentenced to a combined 97 years in prison since 1976 is back in jail, accused of breaking into a Lake View home on Thursday morning. Robert German, 59, had been released on parole 16 days earlier.

German (Cook County Sheriff's Dept)
Police responded to the 3900 block of Janssen at 9:30AM after a woman reported that she heard glass break while she was taking a shower and she saw broken glass when she looked out of her bathroom door. The woman fled onto the street, wrapped in a bath towel.

Officers scoured the area in search of a suspect who was seen by multiple witnesses: a black man wearing a white t-shirt with the image of a hot dog on the front. They soon found German walking slowly in the alley behind the 1400 block of Byron.

A resident of the 3800 block of Greenview also signed a complaint against German for trespassing.

Bail has been set at $100,000.

Time After Time

German, a Black Souls gang member, has been sentenced to a combined 97 years in prison over the past 39 years:

July 1976 - 6 years for burglary
July 1976 - Another 6 years for burglary
July 1976 - Another 3 years for burglary
September 1976 - 6 years for burglary
December 1981 - 5 years for burglary
June 1983 - 6 years for burglary
June 1986 - 8 years for burglary
July 1990 - 8 years for burglary
July 1990 - Another 8 years for burglary
April 1994 - 30 years for burglary
April 2009 - 9 years for burglary

…and, just to mix things up a bit, he received a 2-year sentence for shoplifting in 2014.
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Thursday, July 02, 2015

WICKED: I Was Stabbed During A Robbery In Oz Park, Teen Says

A 17-year-old Lincoln Park boy was reportedly stabbed during an armed robbery in Oz Park early Wednesday morning.

Police were called at 4:30AM after the teen showed up at St. Joseph's Hospital with a stab wound to his leg. The boy initially refused to tell hospital workers where the stabbing took place, but he eventually revealed details to officers.

The park, located at Lincoln and Webster in nearby Lincoln Park, is famous for its Wizard of Oz-themed statues of Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and her little dog, too.
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FUNNY MONEY: "Construction Worker" With Fake $100s Strikes In Lakeview, Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village

A flurry of fake $100 bills has been popping up in small retail shops across the area and one man with a distinctive sense of fashion has struck at least five times.

Multiple victims have described him as a black man who wears a hard hat and yellow construction vest.

His most recent appearance came at 1 o’clock Sunday afternoon at a liquor store near Southport and Belmont. A witness reported that the man fled in a red Ford pickup truck.

Around 11:30AM on June 11, he donned the helmet and vest to pass a bogus Benjamin at the Milk & More convenience store across from Trader Joe’s on Diversey. After that incident, the man was further described as taller with a big build.

Back in April, the same man targeted a mom and pop flower shop in the 2700 block of Halsted, police say.

The next afternon, he hit two small shops in the 2000 block of Roscoe.

Related or not?

Around 6 o’clock last night, a couple tried to pass two fake $100 bills at a Starbucks and again at a nearby establishment. The duo is described as a black man in his 20’s wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans in the accompaniment of a black female in her 20’s.

It is not known if last night’s incident is related to the construction scammer.
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POST-PARADE ATTACK: Jaw Wired Shut For 2 Weeks, But Surgery Successful

A Chicago man whose jaw was broken in at least two places after he got hit in the face with a brick following Sunday's Pride Parade is in good spirits after undergoing reconstructive surgery.

"The surgery went well! Jaw wired for two weeks, and hopefully a full recovery shortly after that," reads a new post on a support site that the man's friends set up to raise his spirits.

According to a friend of the victim, an unknown offender struck the victim with a brick near Newport and Sheffield after Sunday's parade. The suspect fled in a taxi cab.

As is customary in crime reporting, CWB does not identify crime victims by name.
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