Monday, October 24, 2016

3 In Custody After Lincoln Park Carjacking; Connections To Other Local Robberies Eyed

The stolen SUV crashed near this pink and white house at 556 N. Central in the Austin neighborhood. | Google

Three juveniles are in custody following an armed carjacking in Lincoln Park on Monday evening, police said.

Now, detectives are working to determine if the three are responsible for a series of armed robberies that was the focus of a community alert last week.

Just after 8 o’clock Monday night, three men approached their victim in front of his home in the 900 block of West Wrightwood. One of the robbers pulled out a silver semi-automatic handgun and demanded the man’s phone and his SUV.
900 block of West Wrightwood | Google

Working with an OnStar-like service, police tracked the vehicle to the West Side Austin neighborhood.

The driver crashed the stolen SUV into another car, and all three occupants ran from the scene as police closed in around 8:30 p.m.

Officers found the three suspects hiding in a yard about 20 minutes later in the 500 block of North Central.

Charges are expected to be filed on Tuesday.

A Break?

Area North investigators last week issued a community alert to warn residents of Lakeview and Uptown about a series of armed robberies committed by a group of 3 or 4 young black men armed with a silver handgun.

Detectives said one of the five robberies in the alert was a carjacking and CWB Chicago independently reported that investigators believed another incident on the list was an attempted carjacking that failed to materialize.
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Clerk Maced As Shoplifting Mob Strikes Halloween Store

Here's a costume idea, ladies. |
Four shoplifters pepper sprayed a clerk and stole costumes during a Monday afternoon robbery of Halloween Hallway, the pop-up holiday store that operates in the former Walgreens space at 2801 N. Broadway.

The crew entered the store around 3:30 p.m. and blasted the employee with “mace” when they tried to interrupt the theft.

Police said the offenders are four black females who were last seen running eastbound on Diversey. One of the thieves carried a large pink purse.
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3 More Boystown-Area Robberies; Cops Eye Suspects In Lincoln Park/North Center Pattern

October's record-setting robbery pace showed no signs of slowing in Wrigleyville and Boystown this weekend. And armed robberies have also been reported in nearby areas of Lakeview, Lincoln Park, North Center, and Uptown.

• A cab driver told police that he was punched in the face and robbed of his phone and money by two passengers in the 400 block of West Belmont early Sunday. The cabbie said a white man and a 5’3” Asian woman attacked him around 3:30 a.m. and fled toward the lake. Both offenders wore Cubs attire.

Subway, 901 West Belmont | Google
• An armed man robbed the Subway restaurant, 901 West Belmont, shortly before 9 a.m. Saturday, according to a police report. A man posing as a customer pointed a large knife at the store clerk and then fled with the entire cash drawer as well as another customer’s phone.

Police said the offender is a black man who wore a dark blue jacket, dark blue jeans, and white gym shoes. He fled east on Belmont from the store.

• Boystown’s Halsted strip claimed another robbery victim at 2:45 a.m. Saturday.

The victim reported that a group of offenders jumped him in the 3300 block of North Halsted and stole his medium-sized orange fitness bag. He said the primary offender is a 6-foot tall, thin black man wearing a three-quarter-length shirt with a white tee underneath and blue jeans.

This mugging made a cameo in Chicago Tribune coverage of a double-shooting that unfolded 15 minutes later near Belmont and Kenmore:
Before the shooting, Ferrell’s friend had been robbed. He had been helping his friend look for his stolen duffel bag, which contained a manuscript.


LAKEVIEW — Three high school students were robbed at gunpoint near Addison and Western Sunday evening. Police said the offenders are known to at least one of the victims.

The three offenders approached the victims around 8 o’clock, took their soccer gear and phones, and then fled north on Western Avenue, police said.

One of the offenders may be a student at an Albany Park-area high school.
• • • 
UPTOWN — A woman was beaten in the face and threatened with a knife during an armed robbery at 8:40 p.m. Saturday. The victim said she was attacked and robbed of her purse near Broadway and Sunnyside by a tall, skinny black man in his late 20’s who was wearing a black jacket. An ambulance crew treated the victim for minor injuries.
• • • 
LINCOLN PARK — Two men were robbed at gunpoint by a pair of offenders in the 2600 block of North Stockton Drive around 10 p.m. on Thursday.

The offenders pulled out a handgun, took the victims’ wallets and phones, then fled in a black SUV, police said.

Wanted are two black men in their 20’s. One is short and thin. The other wore a green mask, the victims said.
• • • 
NORTH CENTER — Investigators believe the armed robbery of two victims in the 4200 block of North Damen on Thursday evening is related to the earlier robbery in Lincoln Park.

Two robbers approached the victims around 11:15 p.m., pulled out a handgun and announced a robbery around 11:15 p.m. They fled with the victims’ Galaxy Note, phone, and cash.

As in the Lincoln Park heist, the offenders fled in a dark SUV that may have Uber and Lyft stickers in its rear window.
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Uptown: Cops Hurt, Woman Robbed By Parolee With Long, Violent Past

A Bucktown man with a long, violent criminal record robbed a woman in Uptown and tried to disarm a police officer who intervened, prosecutors said Friday.

Murphy | Cook County Sheriff's Office
Darnell Murphy, 52, is charged with armed robbery, disarming a police officer, unlawful restraint, and two counts of resisting a police officer.

Prosecutors said 19th District officers saw the robbery unfold in the 4700 block of North Broadway early Thursday morning and immediately went to assist the 22-year-old victim.

Murphy attempted to disarm one of the approaching officers and then fled the scene.

The officers chased Murphy into an alley where they discharged pepper spray to subdue him. Two cops suffered injuries during the arrest, police said.

Other officers recovered a knife that Murphy used in the robbery, prosecutors said. A phone that he had in his hand at the time of his arrest belonged to the victim, police said.

State records show that Murphy was released from prison in April after serving just four years of an eight-year sentence for burglary.

His previous prison sentences include 33 years for murder-intent to kill in 1989; four years for burglary in 1989; ten years for armed robbery in 1989; six years for burglary in 1986; and a pair of four-year sentences for burglaries in 1982.

A judge Thursday ordered him held without bail.
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

CUBS WIN: Hampered By Crowd, Cops Only Arrest 7 After NLCS Victory

Good news: The Cubs advance to the World Series and the Chicago Police Department says they only arrested six people. (We've tracked seven. Whatevs.)

Bad news: Many more arrests would have been made, but police were unable to transport detainees from within the massive crowd.

Most serious incidents: man pistol-whipped, gun recovered, taxi driver robbed, and shots fired.

Now, by tepid demand, our highlights of last night's Chicago Police Department radio traffic:

4:56PM — Arrest #1 of the night — man detained for selling fake tickets at Sheffield and Addison.

5:04PM — Deputy Chief: “If we lose tonight, we gotta talk about starting earlier tomorrow.”

5:14PM — Arrest #2 at Sheffield and Addison.

7:42PM — “Large, mortar-type fireworks” being set off a block east of the stadium.

9:09PM — Drone over left field. “Let’s identify the operator. Let’s get that drone down first, then take him into custody and take the drone with him.” Neither the drone nor the operator is arrested.

9:30PM — Battery arrest at Clark and Cornelia. #3 of the night.

9:32PM — The 19th police district, which includes Wrigley Field, goes into “RAP” status. That means no officers are immediately available to handle incoming 911 calls. The district remains in RAP status at the time of this post.

9:45PM — “Tell them to move that SWAT vehicle off of Addison!”

Get SWAT off of Addison....and get Addison off of SWAT  | @OGPOPUNK on Twitter
9:46PM — Dispatcher: “And this game’s over. 2146 hours. 22 October 2016”

9:53PM — “The visiting team is requesting a police escort for the visiting team buses, but I believe that due to the crowds, that is not going to be able to happen.”

10:00PM — They just broke the windows out of a squad car at Clark and Grace.

10:01PM — The caller says a mob of 100 people is coming at them in the alley. 1100 West Patterson.

10:03PM — “I need every available officer and team to come up here. We need to gain control of Clark and Addison.”

10:03PM — “OK. Just so you know, we pretty much lost control of [Sheffield and Waveland].”

10:05PM — “We lost Newport and Clark.”

10:07PM — It seems that the barricades have been compromised.

10:10PM — Dispatcher: "This says 'climbing the light poles and breaking the newsstands.' That’s all we got.”

10:11PM — “Is Waveland looking OK?”
“Waveland is not clear whatsoever. The crowd has not come out of the ball park. The streets are full and they just took down a stop sign, so no, it’s not.”

10:27PM — We got people climbing the pod surveillance cameras. 3531 N. Clark. (VIDEO)

10:34PM — They’re trying to disassemble the pod surveillance cameras. 3531 N. Clark.

10:50PM — “The caller wants police to know he got punched in the nose by a man in a red Acura. He doesn’t want the police or EMS. He just wants you to know.”

11:04PM — “Get doze gize off da pod camera!”
Doze gize on da pahd camera | Video grab via the1stmikec
11:05PM — Arrest #4 at Taco Bell.

11:14PM — Sportsworld is holding four shoplifting offenders. Unfortunately, the police cannot get to Sportsworld to transport the arrestees.

Dat burrito Mexico place
11:22PM — “Emergency! Big fight! We’re gonna need some units. 900 Addison!”  “It’s that burrito Mexico place!”

11:28PM — The four guys being detained at Sportsworld have become aggressive.

11:29PM — A man with a large head wound just dropped a gun in the alley and ran away. 1200 Addison.

11:32PM — “I’m here right now, there is blood and a weapon.”

11:39PM — Ambulance is called for the man who was pistol-whipped in an alley on Addison. He “has a gash across his head” and appears to be a crime victim, not the owner of the gun.

11:33PM — Command post: “We have eyes on four Black Lives Matter people walking northbound on Clark and Addison.”
Deputy Chief: “Well, they’re allowed to. They’re gonna be moved like everybody else.”

11:39PM — Traffic aide reports a man being beaten up by several men at Clark and Grace.

11:45PM — The man who was beaten up by several men has now been run over by a car.

11:43PM — “Oh, hey. Did those Dodgers buses get outta here?” “Yes. They have left, sir.”

11:55PM — People are stealing and causing disturbances inside the CVS Pharmacy. 3637 North Southport.

12:07AM — “Do you have a unit [available to help with an arrest] at Taco Bell?”
“We don’t have anybody available, but I know they can’t navigate the crowd. We got four being held at Sportsworld and people stealing from the CVS, so…”
Criminals get a pass if the police can't get to 'em. | Chicago Police Department
12:10AM — Sportsworld says that Clark Street is clear, so maybe we can pick up their four shoplifting offenders now?

12:42AM — At 3500 North Sheffield, one guy's playing the drums and four others are throwing beer cans and punches at people as they walk past.

12:43AM — George says the parking lot attendant gave his car keys to an unknown person and now George’s car is gone. Clark and Waveland.

1:30AM — “[Sigh]. This [drunk] woman probably needs a bus, but her friends are asking for an ambulance.”

2:21AM — It’s a man with a knife in a stand-off with a man who does not have a knife at Bacci Pizza. 950 West Addison.

2:34AM — Arrest #5 at the Addison Red Line station.

2:55AM — “Caller says 25,000 people are standing outside of Lucky” sandwich shop. 3472 North Clark.

2:55AM — Arrest #6 and #7 at Clark and Addison.

3:35AM — “Take a ride with EMS…Caller says a male is face down in a puddle of water in the alley. The caller isn’t sure if he’s breathing or not, but will wait so the man does not get robbed.”

3:37AM — Taxi driver robbed in the 400 block of West Belmont. They punched him in the face and took his money and cell phone. White man with a 5’3”-tall Asian woman. Unit: “Any clothing description on the offenders?” Officer: “Cubs stuff.”

3:56AM — Shots fired behind Redmond’s Ale House, 3358 N. Sheffield. They saw a tall white male shooting from a Chevy Malibu.

9:03AM — A guy who lives across the street from Redmond's Ale House woke up and found a bullet lodged in his apartment wall.

11:35AM — Caller says they just found shell casings behind Redmond’s Ale House. “Oh. That's probably the other part of the bullet I recovered earlier..."

And here are some other highlights from earlier post-season play:

October 8, Game 2 vs. San Francisco Giants

11:25PM — “Drunk people have commandeered construction equipment and are operating in the rear.” Newport and Clark.

1:25AM — “Intoxicated male white, heavy-set, long brown hair. He cannot walk and his friends are dragging him down the street.

October 15, Game 5 vs. LA Dodgers

3:55PM — “There’s a plane hauling a Lumber Liquidators banner over Wrigley Field. We have a [temporary flight restriction and] that plane’s not approved. Call the FAA.”

4:34PM — Call of counterfeit tickets being sold at 3500 North Clark.

4:44PM — The temporary flight restrictions are only in effect between 1 hour before and 1 hour after the game. Lumber Liquidators is all good.

6:40PM — More fake tickets being sold. 3400 N. Clark.

8:36PM — Even more fake tickets sold. There’s a description this time; Black male, scruffy beard, 44 years old, 6-feet tall, 260 pounds, black hat, braided hair, and black jacket with gold lettering. And he’s probably laughing his ass off. (We made that last part up.) The victim is sent to the 19th district station to file a report.

9:50PM — Two more victims of fake ticket sales. Sheffield and Addison.

9:54PM — Seven people are beating up the bouncer at L&L Tavern.

10:40PM — Man arrested for “waving a switchblade in the air with several hundred Cubs fans around…causing them to fear for their safety.” 3700 N. Sheffield

11:46PM — Traffic aide reports a man in his 20’s is taking off his clothes in the intersection of Clark and Sheffield.

3:25AM—Quite possibly the quickest police response ever caught on tape.

October 16, Game 2 vs. LA Dodgers

4:40PM — Deputy Chief: “That plane is overhead again. What’s the window? 2 hours? They were warned yesterday. We need to have them written.”
Command Center: “It’s one hour before and one hour after.”
Deputy Chief: “Oh. Well. I still think we’re OK to call and have them removed.”
Command Center: “Yes, sir. Right away.”

8:15PM — Daniel says a man just sold him fake Cubs tickets at Belmont and Clark. The man is wearing a brown coat. Daniel is wearing a blue Cubs shirt.

10:10PM — Inside the Friendly Confines: A 37-year-old suburban man is accused of intentionally knocking a 56-year-old man to the ground, causing one of the victim’s leg bones to pop out of his skin.

10:19PM — Two men arrested after threatening to come back and shoot up Beer on Clark because the bar won’t let ‘em drink on the public way.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

2 Critical After Double-Shooting Near Belmont Red Line

Police and fire units at Belmont and Sheffield after this morning's shootings | John Sheehan

Two men are in critical condition after being shot this morning about a block from the Belmont Red Line station. No one is in custody.

Officers on patrol heard the shots at 3 a.m. and saw people running from the scene.

A 36-year-old convicted felon suffered a gunshot wound to his neck and a 23-year-old man who is on parole received gunshot wounds to his back, torso, shoulder, and arm, a police source said. The two victims are friends, the source said.

Belmont looking west toward the shooting scene  | John Sheehan
A gunman shot the victims outside of a dry cleaner at 1024 West Belmont. One man collapsed on-scene while the other managed to run to the 3200 block of North Sheffield before dropping to the ground.

Law enforcement sources told CWB Chicago that the 36-year-old victim served a 5-year sentence for unlawful use of a weapon in 2011. He completed the parole portion of his sentence at midnight—three hours before being shot, the source said. He is a member of the Spanish Cobras street gang, a source said.

The 23-year-old was paroled in September after serving about half of a four-year sentence for being a gang member in possession of a firearm.

This morning’s victims are the 11th and 12th persons to be shot in Lakeview this year.

Uptown Shooting

A drive-by shooting in Uptown this morning left a 28-year-old man with a through-and-through gunshot wound to his leg, police said.

Witnesses reported that shots from a black Pathfinder or Explorer struck the man in the 800 block of West Cuyler around 12:25 a.m.

The victim is in fair condition at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.  He is Uptown's 31st shooting victim of the year.

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More Trouble For Man Who Set Boystown House On Fire

A 21-year-old man who pleaded guilty to setting a Boystown house on fire last spring is back in court, facing theft and battery charges, court records show.

Handzel | Chicago Police Dept
Prosecutors say Ryan Handzel punched a 24-year-old man in the face two times during an argument in the 800 block of West Waveland on October 16. When the victim dropped his cell phone after being punched, Handzel picked it up and handed it to another offender, police said.

Police say Handzel told them, “I hit [the victim] in the head twice  I didn’t intend to steal [the] phone.”

The other offender has not been identified or charged, according to records.

Handzel received a sentence of one year’s court supervision in exchange for pleading guilty to setting a home on fire in the 600 block of West Aldine on April 24.

Handzel lists The Crib youth shelter at 835 West Addison as his home.
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Friday, October 21, 2016

Cubs: "He's Got Coke!" And Other Things That Have Led To 15 Post-Season Arrests

Fifteen people have been arrested around Wrigleyville in connection with the Cubs post-season play so far, according to police and court records reviewed by CWB Chicago editors.

But the real messes would likely uncork if the Loveable Losers advance to the World Series by defeating the Dodgers on Saturday or Sunday.

Among the more, uh, interesting arrests so far:

• Police arrested 37-year-old Patrick Hill of Elmhurst after the October 16 Cubs-Dodgers game for allegedly breaking a 56-year-old Lakeview man’s ankle by charging at the victim and knocking him to the ground inside the stadium, according to court records.

A witness told police that Hill then stood over the victim and screamed obscenities as the man curled on the ground in pain. Another witness told police that Hill continued to hit the man after he was downed.

The victim underwent surgery at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center to repair a compound fracture of his leg.

Prosecutors charged Hill with battery.

• Terrence Slaughter, who lists Lakeview Lutheran Church as his home, is charged with reckless conduct and possession of a deadly weapon for an incident after the October 15th home game against the Dodgers.

Police responding to a call of a man with a knife said they saw Slaughter “waving a switchblade in the air with several hundred Cubs fans around…causing them to fear for their safety” in the 3700 block of North Sheffield.

• Police arrested Wassaza and Darrick Martin of Chicago Lawn after a dispute over their right to drink on the public way evolved into a threat to shoot up a Wrigleyville bar.

Darrick (L) and Wassaza Martin
Witnesses told police that the Martins were drinking alcohol while sitting in the open window of Beer on Clark, 3415 North Clark Street, around 10:30 p.m. on October 16th.

When a bouncer took away one of the men's drinks and told them that the bar could get in trouble for drinking in the window sill, Darrick Martin responded, “I’m not no bitch. Give me back my shit or I’m gonna fuck you up,” according to police records.

Darrick Martin then punched the bar’s front window, causing it to shatter and raised his fist in the air, witnesses said.

Meanwhile, Wassaza Martin pulled his shirt up to show off an old bullet wound and announced, “I’ve been shot before. I’ll go home and get my gun and come back and shoot all you and this place up,” the police incident report says.

Darrick Martin, 31, is charged with assault and criminal damage to property. Wassaza Martin, 33, is charged with assault. Both men are members of the Gangster Disciples street gang, police said.

• 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamud of Uptown was arrested after he and another man fighting over a Cubs t-shirt sought assistance from vice division officers on Clark Street. While Mohamud explained the t-shirt dispute, the other man blurted out, “He’s got coke! He’s got coke,” which piqued the vice officers’ curiosity, according to court records.

A protective pat-down of Mohamud turned up three baggies of suspect cocaine, police said.

Mohamud is charged with possession of cocaine.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Armed Robbery Alert Issued For Lakeview, Uptown

Area North detectives this afternoon released an armed robbery alert in which they connect five cases across Lake View and Uptown.

Multiple offenders are approaching people as they walk alone or sit alone in cars. One of the offenders produces a chrome or silver handgun and demands the victim’s property or vehicles, police said.

CWB Chicago has learned through a source that detectives have high-quality surveillance images of the suspects, who are 3 or 4 black men between 18- and 20-years-old.

Cases linked by police occurred at the following locations, dates, and times;
• October 11 at 3:30 a.m. in the 2200 block of West Melrose
• October 11 at 4:15 a.m. in the 3000 block of North Ravenswood (Details here
• October 11 at 4:30 a.m. in the 1000 block of West Byron (Details here) 
• October 11 at 5:15 a.m. in the 500 block of West Briar (Details here)
• October 14 at 4:46 p.m. in the 800 block of West Lakeside
On Lakeside Place, the offenders pulled a handgun and forced the victim out of his gray 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, according to a law enforcement source. Four or five robbers climbed in and drove off with the vehicle, the source said.

Another source told us that the Ravenswood incident might have also been an attempted carjacking. In that case, a Lyft driver who had pulled over to take a nap was startled by the robbers. She managed to drive away before a robbery was carried out.

Anyone with information about the incidents is encouraged to call Area North Detectives at (312) 744-8261. You can refer to pattern P16-N186

Milwaukee Women Charged With Lincoln Park Mugging

Prosecutors charged two Milwaukee women with robbing a woman near her Lincoln Park home on October 8.

36-year-old Ellise Franklin and 37-year-old Tamisha Bass knocked the victim to the ground and wrestled away her purse around 5:45 a.m. in the 2600 block of North Lincoln, according to court records.

Cops tracked Franklin and Bass to 1600 block of North Wolcott in West Town where police recovered the victim’s purse, credit cards, identifications, and cell phone, police said.

Cops gave the property back to the victim.

Bass is currently on probation for retail theft, according to Wisconsin state records. Her criminal history includes several shoplifting and fraud convictions, the state said.

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